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Welcome to the blog for Linda Sommer.

My Blog will cover three subjects:


Every day I spend time with the Lord in the morning and He speaks to my heart words that are encouraging, exhorting and sometimes rebuking.

At first, I felt not to share these words with others, but then I realized I am just one of His followers. There are many people who need a word daily from the Lord, but they do not have the time to seek Him. This is why I decided to share the words I received from time to time. The messages are in first person as the the Lord relayed them to my spirtual ears.

We have three sons and nine grandchildren. There is something new happening all the time in the Sommer family. I will post some of these events of interest.

Tom and I have traveled the world. To find out more about our ministry you may consult our webpage -
I will keep you updated on future speaking enagements and ministry developments.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


So many are concerned about the future conditions of the world since this virus crisis came so suddenly and made such an impact on the lives of everyone.  However, because you are trusting Me with your future, you have an advantage over many who are anxious or even fearful about their future.

I am able to give a peace that passes human understanding in the midst of every trial. People want peace of mind now, and I want you to take every opportunity to share how they can embrace this peace.

Pray that every believer will be prepared to share with others the reason for their peace and hope in a world that seems to be falling apart.

JOHN 14:27, 16:33

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


You will hear the phrase, "You must set boundaries," from counselors who are dealing with people who have been bound by certain addictions, abusive actions or who are co-dependent.  Boundaries are important if you want to break certain strongholds (old patterns of thinking) in your mind.

I have created for you boundaries that provide not only a safe place from abusive, addictive behavior.  I have given you the boundaries of My Kingdom on Earth.  This is why I exhorted My disciples to seek first the Kingdom of God and My righteousness and then all your earthly needs will be met.

If you want to destroy addictive, abusive, or co-dependent strongholds in your life, you must put Me first in your everyday life.  When you do, you can live in the boundaries of My Kingdom on Earth which are My righteousness, peace and joy in My Spirit.  Seek Me today with all of your heart.


Monday, August 10, 2020


 I have prepared a pavilion that you can hide in when times of trouble come.  It is a secret tabernacle that you can go to when circumstances begin to overwhelm you.  That pavilion is under the shelter of My wings where I dwell.

Whenever you have anxious or fearful thoughts, I want you to take time to enter My pavilion.  You can enter My pavilion simply by acknowledging My presence with you.  I have promised to be with you always, but often you are too busy to recognize My presence with you.

When you come to Me, the strife of tongues that broadcast alarming news will be silenced as you spend time with Me.  Here in this quiet pavilion of My presence, you will be able to hear My voice as My Holy Spirit encourages you to be not afraid.

PSALM 27:5, 31:20

Sunday, August 9, 2020


I gave you the word, "Inheritance," today because I want you to realize what your inheritance is.  An inheritance is ownership by virtue of birthright.  This is the definition of an inheritance.

Because you have been born of My Spirit, you are now a joint heir with Me.  Your inheritance includes all heavenly blessings which include the fact that you are without blame and made holy by My righteousness that was freely given to you when I died to forgive you of all your sins.

You have inherited total forgiveness and redemption because I purchased this for you by My shed blood.  This means that you are accepted as one of My beloved.  Rejoice today because you have inherited all the riches in glory that I enjoy.


Saturday, August 8, 2020


 Discipline is a word that few like to hear.  This word is defined as training that develops self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency.  When I walked on Earth I taught My disciples with the hope that they would develop these attributes of discipline in their lives.

As you know, My disciples had little discipline when I became their teacher.  I was patient and merciful with My disciples because I knew the day would come when they would be disciplined.

It was not until My Holy Spirit empowered them at Pentecost to be effective witnesses in this world that they finally developed discipline in their spiritual growth.  Look at what happened to My disciples after they were empowered.  This should give you great hope. When you allow My Spirit to empower you, you also can be disciplined in your spiritual growth.  Receive My power today.


Friday, August 7, 2020


 I have legions of angels at My disposal that can be released as you intercede for your nation and the world.  Angels are activated when you give My Word voice.  

The strategy for you and all believers who know the power of prayer is to begin to decree and make declarations from My Word.  My Word never returns void.  It always accomplishes what I send it out to do.

I am calling every believer to labor in prayer for their nation and the world in these critical days.  Pray that My body on Earth will be used as effective vessels of prayer as they use the keys to the kingdom that I have given them to bind demonic powers and to loose My angel armies.

PSALM 103:20; MATTHEW 9:38; ISAIAH 55:11

Thursday, August 6, 2020


I want you to pray and break the bondage of fear that is over your nation.  All that My enemy has released through demonstrations, violence, and the virus has caused many to fear.  

I have not given the spirit of fear, but I have given the Spirit of adoption. that will enable people to know My Father. Many of the people who are in fear have broken hearts that have resulted from abandonment, accusations, and physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.

I came to break all bondage to fear and replace that fear with My Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind. Those who are in fear are also confused.  Bind the spirit of fear and curse the fruit of confusion over your nation.  Release the Spirit of adoption, Power, Love and a Sound mind over your nation.

ROMANS 8:15; 2 TIMOTHY 1:7

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Many people make "To Do Lists" early in the morning before the day begins when there are many distractions that prevent their"To Do List" from being fulfilled.

There is a list that I want you to consider every morning.  It is not a "To Do List."  It is a "Done List."
Everyone who has received Me as their Lord and Savior will be filled with joy as they review this "Done List."

Here is the "Done List."  Through Me, you have received the wisdom of God. Through Me you have been made acceptable to God because I imparted My righteousness to you.  Through Me you have been set apart to do My Father's will, and through Me you have been ransomed from the penalty for sin. Rejoice today because I have done these things for you. 


Tuesday, August 4, 2020


During this virus crisis, many people are networking to find jobs and other ways of meeting their needs.
There are many search engines on computers that people can use to help them.

When I walked on Earth, we had no computers, social media, or any of the technical advantages that you have in your age.  I had to depend solely on the instructions that My Father gave Me as I prayed to Him before daylight every morning.

My Holy Spirit can guide you the same way I was guided. When you ask for the help of My Holy Spirit, He will be able to help you with whatever need you may have.  He is the "Supreme Net worker."

JOHN 16:13

Monday, August 3, 2020


I died to give those in the world a chance to have a new beginning.  I told Nicodemus that he must be born again in order to see or enter My Kingdom.  He did not understand what I meant.

Multitudes of people who have received Me as their Lord and Savior do understand what it means to be born of the Spirit.  Revival is now taking place in many areas in your country.  Pray for many more souls to be born again.

People Who have been born again by My Spirit have a new beginning that will never end.  They have a fresh start and a purpose for life that will last for all eternity. 

JOHN 3:5-21

Sunday, August 2, 2020


I was with My disciples and I said this to them, "Henceforth I call you not servants, for the servant does not know what his lord does, but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you (John 15:15)."

I shared these words with My disciples at My last Passover celebration with them.  I then told them that I had "chosen them to go and bring forth fruit, and that their fruit should remain that whatsoever they asked of the Father in My name, He may give it to them (John 15:16)."

I have chosen you to be alive at this time when it seems like the world is falling apart. I want you also to go and bring forth fruit that will remain. I want you to speak the truth of My gospel to many.

JOHN 15:15-17

Saturday, August 1, 2020


There are many today crying out for help because of the challenges they face during this virus crisis. 

Those who believe in Me have the privilege of releasing all their cares to Me because they trust Me to help them, and they know that I care for them.

Pray for those you know who do not know where to turn to for help during these trying times. When they believe and receive Me as their Lord and Savior, I become their "Care Taker," Who can unburden them from all their cares.

1 PETER 5:7