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Welcome to the blog for Linda Sommer.

My Blog will cover three subjects:


Every day I spend time with the Lord in the morning and He speaks to my heart words that are encouraging, exhorting and sometimes rebuking.

At first, I felt not to share these words with others, but then I realized I am just one of His followers. There are many people who need a word daily from the Lord, but they do not have the time to seek Him. This is why I decided to share the words I received from time to time. The messages are in first person as the the Lord relayed them to my spirtual ears.

We have three sons and nine grandchildren. There is something new happening all the time in the Sommer family. I will post some of these events of interest.

Tom and I have traveled the world. To find out more about our ministry you may consult our webpage -
I will keep you updated on future speaking enagements and ministry developments.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


I have heard the expression, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."  Sometimes being apart from someone for a length of time will cause you to appreciate that person more because their presence with you is missed.  You think about the memories you shared with them.

Your relationship with Me is never broken.  My presence is with you always.  Sometimes you may feel distant from Me because worry, fear, or doubt have blocked the reality of My presence near you.

Whenever you feel distant from Me, ask Me what is blocking you from trusting that I am as near to you as your next breath.  I will be able then to reveal the block as you give it to Me.  Then the reality of My presence with you will be restored.

PSALM 16:11

Tuesday, January 21, 2020


You are now experiencing storms that sweep across your nation.  Blinding rain, snow, and ice are making winter travel difficult.  My disciples experienced a surprise storm that swept over the Golan Heights and caused their boat to almost capsize when they were trying to reach the other side of the Galilee.

Many of My beloved are experiencing terrific storms of trials that cause them to be fearful. Just as I was present in the boat with My disciples when that stormy weather caused My disciples to fear, I want you to know today that I am present with you right now.

I am your good shepherd Who can lead you to still waters and Who can calm the storm within your soul that rages when adversity comes your way.  Today cry out to Me and trust Me to provide My peace for you .  My peace will pass all of your understanding and will still your soul.

MATTHEW 8: 23-26; JOHN 14:27

Sunday, January 19, 2020


I have heard the expression, "Let's just throw caution to the winds."  This expression will ultimately cause you to fall into My adversary's trap.  More than ever, you need to be extremely cautious.

Peter lived in time of great persecution.  Most believers were in hiding.  He exhorted all believers to :Be sober, be vigilant; because  your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour."

You live in an age when thousands are dying for their faith.  This has not happened in your country yet, but it will happen.  You are now seeing how various forms of the media are mocking those who believe in Me.  I want you to be cautious, but I do not want you to ever be in fear.  Ask My Holy Spirit to fill you with My love because My perfect love casts out all fear.

1 PETER 5:8

Saturday, January 18, 2020


When you are willing to do My will, I will lead you throughout your day.  I have given you My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you.

Daily submit your body to Me by committing the members of your body to be used as instruments of My love, peace, and joy.  Recognize that I am the potter and you are the clay.  Allow Me to mold and make you into that instrument that will be fine tuned to hear My voice.

Often I will ask you to do something that may seem difficult. However, if you respond with a willing heart to My request, I will not require you to carry through with what I have asked you to do.  I test your heart quite frequently in that way..


Friday, January 17, 2020


Paul's words to Timothy were:"Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, where you are also called, and have professed a good profession before many witnesses." This is the exhortation that I want to give you today.

In the day you live, more than ever, you have to fight the good fight of faith..  The fight is against My enemy who wants to destroy your testimony by giving you doubt and negative thoughts to steal your faith.  You face scoffers almost daily in the world who think your faith is nonsense.

Whenever those negative thoughts come to you, I want you to respond out loud, "No weapon formed against Me will prosper and I condemn those thoughts of doubt and unbelief.:  My righteousness is of Jesus Christ."  Your faith will never be stolen as long as you recognize that it is not your faith, but My faith that resides within you. I gave you My faith when you first believed in Me.

1 TIMOTHY 6:12; ISAIAH 54:17; GALATIANS 2:20

Thursday, January 16, 2020


I said, "Therefore do not fear them, For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known."  

It may seem to you that people are getting away with murder.  Exposure to evil deeds, however, in the age you live is almost immediate.  With traffic cameras on every street and cell phones that can record what people are doing, those things hidden will be known even before the judgment.

I have heard the expression, "Big Brother is watching you."  People today are being carefully watched.  People forget that I see everything.  I want you to always bring your sins to Me through confession.  It is futile to hide anything from Me. I have forgiven you of all of your sins before you commit them, but to receive My cleansing and help to overcome sin, confession is necessary.

MATTHEW 10:26; 1 JOHN 1:7-10

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Though the outward man seems to be perishing, the inner man is being renewed day by day.  Often in your lifetime, you have felt like you could not endure during a major trial.  The temptation comes to just give up.

When it seems like you are being hit on every side with difficult circumstances beyond  your control,, I am doing something in your inner man.  I am placing you in a position to be totally dependent upon Me.

You run out of strength and endurance in a long trial because you are trusting in your own strength rather than Mine.  As you enter this New Year, I want you to build your inner man up by praying in the Spirit and ingesting My Word.  My Word is spiritual bread, and it will sustain you when you feel weak in the Spirit.  The renewal of your mind will only come as you spend time in My Word.