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Welcome to the blog for Linda Sommer.

My Blog will cover three subjects:


Every day I spend time with the Lord in the morning and He speaks to my heart words that are encouraging, exhorting and sometimes rebuking.

At first, I felt not to share these words with others, but then I realized I am just one of His followers. There are many people who need a word daily from the Lord, but they do not have the time to seek Him. This is why I decided to share the words I received from time to time. The messages are in first person as the the Lord relayed them to my spirtual ears.

We have three sons and nine grandchildren. There is something new happening all the time in the Sommer family. I will post some of these events of interest.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015


You will notice that My angels often delivered messages to My beloved in dreams.  Be open to receiving what I want to reveal to you in dreams.  However, make sure to cover your dreams with My blood before you close your eyes to sleep because My enemy often wants to deliver you dreams that are not edifying.

When I purchased you with My shed blood, I provided a great protection over you from the evil one.  However, you need to appropriate the complete work I accomplished for you when I died and was resurrected.

Before you close your eyes to sleep at night, pray this prayer, "Thank You Lord,  for protecting My dreams from the plan of the enemy to give me dreams that are not from you.  I place your blood, Lord Jesus, over My subconscious, and when I awake in the morning, I will be refreshed and ready to do your will."  You then will have sweet dreams.

PSALM 127:2

Friday, January 30, 2015


I  am sure that you have noticed by now that people are different.  I want you to recognize the differences in people, and I do not want you to be indifferent to them.  I know the easy way out would be to ignore people who are different and to just have nothing to do with them.  However, as you know this was not the way I treated people when I walked on Earth.

I do not want you to be indifferent to anyone.  See everyone as a treasure.  Remember that I died to save the whole world, not just a few people.  However, I am saddened by the reality that few will receive My free gift of salvation.

When  you are with a person who you have difficulty accepting their differences., call upon My grace.  My grace is all sufficient to meet your every need.  Ask me to help you see that difficult person as I see them, and then reach out in faith to embrace that person simply because I love that person as much as I love you.


Thursday, January 29, 2015


You would love for Me to rescue you immediately out of the difficult circumstances you are encountering.  However, if I did this, you would never be conformed to My image.  It is through those difficult times that you become more dependent upon Me. 

My enemy would like for you to just be paralyzed with fear and lose all self-confidence.  I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  One of the major fruits of fear is confusion.  Only My perfect love can cast out all fear.

Believe it or not, I do want you to lose all self-confidence because I want you to totally depend upon Me to be your confidence.  When those sinking feelings of fear and lack of confidence come upon you, focus your thoughts on Me.  I live within you and in Me are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  Ask My Holy Spirit to help you tap into those treasures, and listen carefully as He dispenses My wisdom to you. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


My servant Paul compares his life to running a race to receive the prize.  When you live life like this, you definitely have to discipline yourself to abide in Me, abide in My Word, and abide in My love.
I know how you dislike that word discipline, but it is necessary if you want to live a fruitful life in My kingdom.

I know you love to walk and feel the sun on your back as you look at the cloud formations in the sky.  Somehow, you feel so very close to Me on those walks.  I want you to do both: run and walk.
I want you to run to Me the moment you feel anxious, fearful, or burdened down with cares.
Then I want you to walk quietly hand in hand with Me as you listen to the still quiet voice of My Spirit.

Both walking and running are necessary to keep in good physical shape.  The same is true about keeping in good spiritual shape.  Try a little of both of these spiritual exercises each day, and you will be conscious of My presence with you as your journey through the day.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


In Me are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  This is why I exhorted My disciples to do three things that would sustain them in the future when I would not be physically present with them.  On the night that we had our Passover dinner together, I told them to abide in Me, abide in My Word, and abide in My love. I promised them if they did these three things that their joy would be full and that My joy would remain in them.

I want to remind you to do these three things daily.  Abiding in Me is not automatic.  You have to be intentional to do this.  You have to daily focus on My presence with you by communicating with Me throughout the day. 

Daily read My Word and let My Holy Spirit reveal the knowledge that you will need for the day.  He knows what your future holds and you do not.  Then every morning ask My Spirit to fill you with My love.  You need a fresh infilling of My anointing and My love daily.  You have no idea how many people will need My love ministered to them in the power of My Spirit during the day that faces you.. All during the day, ask Me for wisdom when you do not know what to do.


Monday, January 26, 2015


I know that you understand that everyday you live is a spiritual battle.  You do have an enemy who tries to get you to think all kinds of frightful, negative thoughts.  My servant Paul had to fight this battle daily because My enemy did not want him to have success as a laborer in My kingdom.

Paul learned to take his thoughts captive to Me. This is what you also will have to do daily.  You do this simply by immediately giving me the negative thoughts that he sends you.  Then I do battle for you.  If you meditate on those thoughts, I will not be able to do battle for you.

The weapons you have are mighty through God, My Father, and My Holy Spirit can help you to be intentional as you take those negative thoughts captive and releasing them to Me.  There may be strongholds (patterns of thinking) in your life that My enemy has had success with in the past such as homing in on a fear or a lack of confidence.  You pull down those strongholds by renewing your mind in My Word so that new patterns will replace the old.  I stand ready to help you always as you pick up the weapons of warfare that I have given you.  Those weapons are prayer, My Word, and the righteousness I purchased for you when My blood was shed to reconcile you to My Father.  My Word becomes the sword in the Spirit only when you declare it out loud.  Rest in the finished work that I accomplished for you when I died and was resurrected.


Friday, January 23, 2015


The fruit of long suffering is only produced through trials.  The ability to suffer long through trials is the same exactly as the ability to endure to the end.   Before I faced the execution on the tree, I endured the cross because of the joy that was set before Me.

It is My joy that will strengthen you to endure every trial that you go through while you live on Earth.  My joy will strengthen you.  I knew the rest of the story when I faced the horrific trial of My death.  I knew that through My perfect sacrifice, mankind would forever have the opportunity to believe in Me and be reconciled to My Father.  I also knew that My resurrection would pave the way for those you die believing in Me to also be resurrected.

When you focus on Me and what awaits you at the end of your life, you will be able to see that the temporary afflictions and trials you experience on Earth are but for a moment.  My Spirit will help you keep that focus in the days ahead.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The trials and temptations you experience on Earth are just temporary.  When you let this truth sink into your heart, you will not get frustrated and upset over the circumstances in your life. 

I want you to recognize that as your Good Shepherd,  I can lead you by the still waters all through the day.  Whenever you are anxious, fearful, or overwhelmed by the events of a day, come to Me and release those concerns to Me. 

When you are faithful to turn to Me during those difficult times in the day, I will give you My eternal perspective.  The pain and the problems are temporary, and always remember that you have the joy of My presence right now in the present moment and for all eternity.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


When you awaken in the morning, you usually review all the tasks that lay ahead of  you for the day.  This mental exercise is beneficial, but such an accounting of the hours of the day can be daunting.
I have a better way to begin your day.

As soon as your feet hit the floor to start your day, focus on Me.  I have sent My helper to help you through the day.  Thank Me for His help and then review your "To Do List."  Tasks will be less daunting when you ask My Spirit to prioritize your tasks.

There are always things that can wait until tomorrow.  Also My Spirit knows the interruptions you will face during the day.  Listen carefully to His instructions as He leads you from one task to another.  He can even give you My wisdom to help you finish your tasks more efficiently, effectively,  and in less time.


Monday, January 19, 2015


So often you question what to do next.  I have promised to order your steps as you delight yourself in Me.  I am the "Light of the World" Who desires greatly to order your steps this day.  I can shine a light on the pathway that I have designed for you this day.

Listen carefully to the voice of My Spirit within you as He leads you step by step.  The walk in My Spirit is an unfolding walk.  One step leads to the next step.  I will give you just enough light to take the next step as you travel My pathway through this day.

Trust Me to lead you in My paths of righteousness this day.  When you stay on My path of righteousness, My Spirit will give you right thinking.  He will order your thoughts as you commit your works to Me.  As you faithfully take the next step that I reveal to you, I will be able to work My will within you and give you My power to do the next thing.

PSALM 23:3, 37:23; PROVERBS 16:3

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I know how you like to schedule events in your life.  It is wise to plan for such events.  However, I want you always be open to change.  Recognize that you have your schedule and that I have My schedule.  My timing is not your timing.

My servant Moses wrote, "Teach us to number our days that we might apply our hearts to wisdom."
Understand that your days are numbered.  Your days are written in My "Book of Life." 

I have a definite way that you can learn to apply your days to My Wisdom. Daily rejoice because this is the day that I have made for you and be glad in that day.  Depend upon My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you throughout the day.  Ask Him to keep you on My schedule, not yours.  You then will accomplish those things that are important to Me.  I may only have one event scheduled for you in a day.  That event may be simply sharing your love with a neighbor in a special way.  Keep open to the leading of My Spirit.  He delights to order your day.

PSALM 90:12

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I Know how you sometimes get frustrated when you dial the wrong number on your phone.  Often when you are in a hurry, you even forget who you were calling and what their number is.

There is one number that I want you to always remember.  That number is Jeremiah 33:3 (My phone number.)  That Scripture says, "Call upon Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know (Jeremiah 33:3)." 

You have a direct line to Me, and I do want to show you great and mighty things that you do not know about Me and My kingdom.  Talk with Me continually today.  Whatever is a concern to you is a concern to Me, and praise Me throughout your day.  When you praise, worship and thank Me, there will never be static on your prayer line to Me.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I gave you My full armor to protect you from the enemy.  When you hide yourself in Me every morning, you are putting on the full armor because our enemy will see Me instead of you, and he will not want to come against Me.

There is part of the full armor, however, that I want you to consciously place upon your heart.  That part of the full armor is My breastplate of righteousness.  You put that piece of My armor on when you speak out loud that your righteousness is of Me. 

Every morning, pray this prayer out loud, "Thank You Lord that My righteousness is of you."  A simple prayer like this will keep you from being wounded by words during the day.  The moment you say out loud, "My righteousness is of Jesus Christ," a shield is placed around your inner person, and the critical, judgmental, unkind words that may be directed towards you will not penetrate you.  You will be placed in My pavilion far away from the strife of tongues when you are faithful to place this piece of armor you daily.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I know how you long to convince those who do not know Me of the truth.  You also would love to convict them of going their own way and how that leads to destruction.  However, convincing others of My truth is the assignment of My Holy Spirit.

My Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and only He has the power to open the eyes of the understanding in the minds of those who do not believe in Me.  I also sent My Spirit to convict the world of sin. 

Your part in convincing and convicting is simply to pray for those who do not yet believe in Me.  You can also sow My Word into their minds, but only My Spirit has the power to put My Word in their hearts.  Release in prayer those who you long to come to know Me in a personal way, and ask Me to send the gift of faith and the Spirit of grace and supplications to those nonbelievers.  Then trust My Spirit to do the work and thank Him for granting your request.

JOHN 16:8; ZECHARIAH 12:10

Monday, January 12, 2015


It is vital that you keep up with the current news so that you can pray effectively not only for your own nation, but also for the nations throughout the world..  You live in a time when the balance of power in the world can change overnight.  I have the power to displace kings and to put rulers who honor Me in positions of leadership not only in your nation, but in nations throughout the world.

I do respond to the prayers of believers who turn from worldly ways and pray.  I will heal your own land when My body of believers in your nation turn from their evil ways to Me.  I promise to heal their land.

Pray daily for a spirit of grace and supplication to fall from My throne room upon believers who now are not going My way and also upon My Jewish people.  I do judge nations according to the amount of true believers who are praying in a nation.  Remember this fact, and commit yourself this year to pray daily for your nation and the leaders in your nation.


Sunday, January 11, 2015


As much as possible, I want you to avoid strife.  Pride and jealousy cause strife. When you walk in My love and esteem the person who wants to argue with you better than yourself, you will be able to respond in love, instead of reacting to defend yourself.

When I exhorted My disciples to turn the other cheek when they were persecuted, I was in essence telling them to get rid of the pride in their lives.  The tendency to defend yourself and argue when someone comes against you is rooted in pride.  You desire to prove your point and win the argument.

When I was taken to die on the tree, I was like a lamb brought to the slaughter.  I said not a word.  The person who is able to keep his lips from speaking is wise, and that person keeps his soul from trouble and strife.  When you are a person of few words, you will discover that there will be little strife in your life.


Friday, January 9, 2015


There are two kinds of knowledge - worldly knowledge and holy knowledge.  The only knowledge that will last for all eternity is to know Me.  I prayed this prayer to My Father, "This is life eternal, that they might know You, the only true God and Me, the One You sent.  When you have an intimate relationship with Me, the knowledge you will gain will help you live a fruitful life.

You will gain that knowledge as you abide in Me, My Word, and My love.  The holy knowledge that you will gain will enable you to minister to others even as I ministered to them when I was on Earth. because you will have an understanding of people that is beyond your natural understanding.

It is important for people to be educated, but the knowledge gained through worldly education will pass away.  When you seek first the Kingdom of God and My righteousness, you will have a life filled with joy, peace, and love, and such a life is much better than earning many higher education degrees.

 JOHN 17:3; PROVERBS 9:10

Thursday, January 8, 2015


People often take breathing moment by moment for granted.  When I created man with My Father, the Holy Spirit breathed into Adam and he became a living soul.  The Holy Spirit is the breath of My Father. 

When you received Me as your Lord and Savior, My Spirit breathed new life into you.  The life that was breathed into you was My very Spirit.

Just after I was resurrected, I took My disciples aside and I breathed My Spirit into each of them. When you take your next breath, recognize that the same Spirit that raised Me from the dead now dwells within you. Always remember that your life is now My life within you.  You have been crucified with Me, nevertheless you live, but not you, but I now live in you, and the life that you now live in the flesh, you live by My faith within you.  I made this possible because I love you and gave Myself for you.

JOHN 20:21-22; ROMANS 8:11; GALATIANS 2:20

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


When a physical battle becomes intense, the soldiers who are involved in heavy battle call for more soldiers to re-inforce them in the battle.  Like it or not, you are in a daily spiritual battle,  I want to assure you today that you are not alone in this battle.

I am the Captain of a great heavenly host of angels who stand ready to help you the moment you call upon My name or declare My Word.  My angels hearken to help you when you give My Word voice.
Also I have saints who stand ready to intercede for you when spiritual battles come your way.

Do not try to win spiritual battles in your flesh.  Immediately when you are faced with a battle (a trial or a temptation) speak My name and declare My Word.  I will go to battle for you instantly.  Release every concern to Me, and I will be able to perfect those concerns.  Then do not worry and fret.  Instead, thank Me for doing battle for you and remain in thanksgiving and praise to Me.  Remember always that the battle is mine and the victory is yours.

PSALM 103:20, 138:8

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


When you were young, your parents gave you a weekly allowance to spend for what you wanted to do or purchase.  The amount of your allowance increased as you increased in age.  You always had in mind what you wanted to do with your allowance.

I give you daily allowances, not weekly allowances.  The allowances I give you are not monetary.  These allowances are delivered to you when you receive and believe My promises.  You can partake of My very divine nature when you by faith receive, believe, and claim My promises.

My joy, peace, love and all the fruits of My Spirit are the allowances you receive daily when you abide in Me and partake of My nature through the promises I have given you.  Today and everyday, meditate on some of My promises and you will receive a daily allowance that will give you a fruitful day.

2 PETER 1:4


Monday, January 5, 2015


My Word is written precept upon precept, line upon line.  My Holy Spirit will help you as you read through My Word this year.  Some people never even begin a daily Bible reading program because they feel they just do not have the time.  The question I would like to ask them is, "Do you take time to eat?"

Most people eat three meals a day.  Let Me suggest to you a Bible reading program that will be easy for you to complete one day at a time.  In the morning when you have your time with Me, read the Proverb for the day.  During your coffee break, read the New Testament reading for the day. Either at dinner or lunch, read the Old Testament reading, and then read a Psalm at night before you go to bed.

I know you use the "One Year Bible" that has great divisions of My Word.  When you feed on My Word while you feed yourself, your digestion will be better, and you will also be able to digest My Word one bite at a time - precept upon precept, line upon line.

ISAIAH 28:10

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Blessed are those who believe in Me even though they have never seen Me.  Although you will not see My flesh, resurrected form until you die, you can see Me in the Spirit.  My beloved David, the Psalmist, wrote that My face was ever before Him.

I have given you a divine imagination to help you worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  This year allow My Spirit to give you faith visions of Me.  Faith is the substance hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.  My Spirit can give you a faith vision of My face.

Truly My face is ever before you.  My Word gives the exhortation many times to seek My face.  As you seek My face in the coming year,  you will discover as David did that My face is ever before you.  I never turn My back on you.  I am always before you with outstretched arms to catch you if you begin to fall.

JOHN 20:29; HEBREWS 11:1; PSALM 24:6, 27:8,41:12

Friday, January 2, 2015


Nothing in your life on Earth is constant.  Earth is spinning around the sun every day.  Time changes as the seconds go by. The cells in your body change daily and every seven years, your body cells are changed.  I know how you would like for there to be something in your life that you could count on not changing, and there is.

I never change.  I am the changeless God, and you can count on Me to be the same today, yesterday, and forever.  This should give you great comfort.  I am your Rock that you can hide in when the enemy comes against you.  I am your high tower that you can run to when circumstances are trying to weigh you down.  I am your pavilion that protects you from strife-filled tongues. 

There is one thing that does change daily as I minister to you.  My mercy is new every morning.
Receive the new mercies I have for you every morning in this new year.  The comfort of My mercies will help you live victoriously every day this year.

HEBREWS 13:8; PSALM 92:2, 31:20, 61:3; 62:2

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I did create time when I made the moon to shine at night and the stars to shine during the day, but I am not limited by time.  You have a choice daily to allow time to bind you or to allow Me to work through you moment by moment.

Faith always operates in the present time.  This is why My enemy attempts to get you to fear the future or regret the past.  If he is successful in his efforts, I will not be able to fully work through you what is pleasing to My Father.  Faith is what pleases My Father.

As this new year begins, commit your works daily to Me and commit your way to Me.  Constantly depend upon My Holy Spirit to lead you in the moment.  Ask Him to tell you what to do next, and My Spirit will prioritize your day.  When I walked on Earth, I did only those things that I saw My Father do and I only said those things that My Father gave Me to say in the moment.  I was totally led by the Holy Spirit.  Choose this year to be led by My Spirit and move out in faith in the moment.

JOHN 5:19