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Welcome to the blog for Linda Sommer.

My Blog will cover three subjects:


Every day I spend time with the Lord in the morning and He speaks to my heart words that are encouraging, exhorting and sometimes rebuking.

At first, I felt not to share these words with others, but then I realized I am just one of His followers. There are many people who need a word daily from the Lord, but they do not have the time to seek Him. This is why I decided to share the words I received from time to time. The messages are in first person as the the Lord relayed them to my spirtual ears.

We have three sons and nine grandchildren. There is something new happening all the time in the Sommer family. I will post some of these events of interest.

Tom and I have traveled the world. To find out more about our ministry you may consult our webpage -
I will keep you updated on future speaking enagements and ministry developments.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Because I am faithful to fill you daily with a fresh anointing of My Holy Spirit, you are able to enter into the fullness of My glory. When I was in the Garden of Gethsemane, I gave My glory to My disciples and all who would afterwards believe Me.

On that fateful night when I was betrayed, I prayed "that they all may be one; as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that You have sent Me.  And the glory that You gave Me I have given them; that they may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them, as you have loved Me.

You do not have to ask daily for My glory.  Just ask for a refreshing of My anointing and My glory will shine through you to others.

JOHN 17:21-22

Saturday, January 30, 2016


I am in the disclosure business.  Whatever is done in the dark will be revealed by My light.  People sometimes think that if they hide their sin from Me that I will not know about it.  I know all things.  My eyes are like piercing lazar beams that are able to penetrate and bring light to the darkest heart.

You will see many examples in My Word of how My light shined into the hearts of wicked, lustful, greedy men and women.  I tell you this to encourage you to continue praying for those who are walking in darkness.  Only I have the power to send them true repentance.

Rejoice today because My Father caused My light to shine out of darkness into your heart to give you the light of My glory in My face.  Never cease praying for those who have not received the light of My glory.

MATTHEW 10:26; JOHN 1:6-14; 2 CORINTHIANS 4:6

Friday, January 29, 2016


You live in a "Me" generation.  So many people want to selfishly hoard more and more stuff for themselves.  They live for me, myself, and I. 

My Kingdom is a Kingdom of generosity. I said that It is more blessed to give than to receive.  I love a cheerful giver.  When you have yielded to My Spirit within you, you will be a generous person who seeks to give to others. Of course, the most precious gift that you can give to others is My gospel. 

One of the major reasons Sodom and Gomorrrah was destroyed was because they failed to give to the poor. and needy.  Only an open hand that gives is able to receive My blessings.  Today let My Spirit flow through you in such a powerful way that generosity will be formed in your character.

ACTS 20:35; 2 CORINTHIANS 9:7; EZEKIEL 16:49

Thursday, January 28, 2016


People who do not yet know Me will often demonstrate resistance when you try to share with them My good news.  Recognize that the resistance they demonstrate is caused by certain demonic spirits who are attempting to block the truth of My Word from finding root in their hearts.

When resistance to My gospel is strong, I suggest that you excuse yourself for a moment and do some spiritual warfare.  The three spirits that you need to bind in My name and in My blood are the spirit of antichrist, religious spirits, and a haughty or prideful spirit.

My Word says whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.  After you have bound those demonic spirits, loose the Spirit of Truth (My Holy Spirit) and a contrite spirit to the person who is resistant.  My Word is true.  When you submit yourself to God and resist the devil, he will have to flee.

MATTHEW 16:19; JAMES 4:7

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I often hear people sigh and say, "If only God  would show me the big picture."  The truth is that I have already shown you the big picture.  You will see that big picture in My Word.

Knowing the rest of the story that you find as you read My Word will help you make the most out of the days that you have left on Earth.  My servant Moses wrote, "Teach us to number our days that we might apply our hearts to wisdom.

I have written in My Word the number of days that mankind now has.  I said that you can live till you are 70 and even 80 if by reason of strength.  However, I have a different calendar of years for each person born.  You do not know exactly the day that you will be with Me in person.  However,
take each day as a gift from Me, and use it for My glory.  When  you do this,  you will be extremely fruitful during the days that I give you.

PSALM 90:10-12

Monday, January 25, 2016


You are complete in Me.  However, it is up to you to allow My Spirit to work through you both to will and to do My Father's pleasure.  I have everything you need to get through a busy day.  Sometimes you are so busy that you are unable to complete what you have begun in a day's time.
This happens when you fail to yield yourself to My Spirit in the morning.

Do not let a morning go by without coming to Me with the list of all that you have to do in a day's time.  Commit your works to Me, and then My Spirit will be able to prioritize your works.  You do not know the future, but My Spirit does, and many things on your list can wait until another day.

After you commit your works to Me, listen to the still, quiet voice of My Spirit as He leads you to do the next thing.  At the end of the day, you will notice that you have been able to complete many projects that you began earlier in the day.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I came into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Me.  My Father's plan was always to set human kind free from condemnation.  When Adam and Eve sinned, My Father asked, "Adam, where are you?"

My Father asked His beloved first human being where he was because He wanted Adam to come out into the open and confess how he had sinned.  Instead, the first couple hid themselves from their wonderful Father who loved to walk with them in the cool of the night, and they blamed one another and the serpent for causing them to sin.

Ever since that scene, My adversary has sought to condemn people.  He loves to remind you of your own sin.  Do not try to hide your sin because you can hide nothing from My Father.  If you are under the burden of condemnation, I invite you to come and fall into My arm, confess your sin and repent of it..  Because I shed My blood to remove you from the condemnation that sin brings and to forgive you for all of your sins, you can boldly come into My throne room and find the grace (the empowerment of My Spirit) to overcome your sins.

GENESIS 3:8-13; JOHN 3:16-17: ROMANS

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


One of the basic needs of mankind is security.  When you feel secure you do not have to fear the future.  You can even look forward to the future because you know that I hold your future in My hands.   You know that My plans for you are  for good, not for evil, to give you a purpose and a hope and an expected end.

You live in a world that is falling apart, but I can place you in a pavilion where you will not hear the voices of strife and stress. That pavilion is in My Father's heart.  You are hid with Me in My Father's heart and no other safe place can compare with the safety and security provided in this pavilion.

Today when you hear all the news of wars and rumors of wars which I predicted would happen in the end time, thank Me for placing you in this secure place.  You never have fear evil because I will be with you for all eternity.


Monday, January 18, 2016


Solomon wrote that there is nothing new under the sun.  This is true.  However, every day that you live, you can discover things that are new to you.  This is especially true when you read My Word.

I know that you make the commitment at the beginning of each year to complete reading all of My Word in a year's time.    Each time you open your Bible, expect new discoveries.  I can even reveal some of My secrets to you.  My Word says that I do reveal My secrets to the righteous.

New revelations await you daily as you read My Word.  Ask My Holy Spirit to teach you My eternal truths.  My truths are eternal and do not change, but your receptivity to the Holy Spirit Who can lead and guide you into all truth can change daily as you commit yourself to be open to receive from My Spirit.

PSALM 25:14; PROVERBS 3:32

Saturday, January 16, 2016


There are many ways that a person can show respect to others.  One of the ways is to respect and take care of the possessions that another person has.  You are living in the age of lawlessness, and teachers are discovering that their students have little respect for people or possessions.

I want My light within you to shine brighter each day so that men can see your good works and glorify My Father in heaven.  Taking care of your own possessions or the possessions of others is a good way to let your light shine before men.

Be conscious today of ways that you can let your light shine brighter today than it did yesterday.  Above all, I want you to respect other people by showing that you care for them with My love.


Thursday, January 14, 2016


Most relationships are destroyed because of pride.  Two of the major fruits of pride are selfishness and strife.    Humility is the opposite of pride. and one of the fruits of humility is the ability to esteem others higher than yourself.

You esteem others higher than yourself when you highly value others and consider them precious in My sight.  Paul wrote to the Philippian church these words:  "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves.  Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others."

Always remember that I died and shed My blood to offer forgiveness and salvation to the world.  Everyone you know or even hope to meet is precious in My sight because I counted them worthy enough to shed My precious blood for them.  Today, ask Me to give you eyes to see others as I see them, and you will be able to esteem others higher than yourself.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I am God in the flesh, so I displayed My Father's character when I walked on Earth.  My Father gave a character sketch of Himself to Moses when Moses asked My Father to show him His glory.

My Father said that He is gracious, merciful, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth, and forgiving.  These are the character qualities I demonstrated, and these are also the character qualities that I want you to display to others.

One of the most difficult qualities to be developed in you is longsuffering.  Longsuffering can only be developed through trials.  You display longsuffering when you are able to go through trials without murmuring and complaining.   Longsuffering is a supernatural character quality that cannot be attained through self-effort.  Longsuffering will develop in you as you depend upon My Spirit's daily help.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Every day you have the privilege of making adjustments to your schedule, your work, relationships and other areas of your life.  I guess you are questioning why I said that it is a privilege for you to make adjustments.  When you are forced to make adjustments, you are also forced to depend upon Me.

I never force anyone to do anything.  However, life itself sometimes paints you into a corner where you have to depend upon Me.  The goal in the life of a person who seeks to do My will is to become more dependent upon Me day by day.

The world measures maturity by the independence that a person gains as they grow older.  I measure maturity by how much you have grown to depend upon Me.  Look forward today to making some adjustments in your schedule, plans, and other areas in your life.  Those times will draw you closer to Me, and the ability to hear My voice as you depend upon Me will also grow.


Monday, January 11, 2016


I have heard people say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Even people who do not know Me can have good intentions, but often they do not follow through on those intentions.

Many times, the good intentions people have come from My Holy Spirit.  My Spirit is able to speak to the hearts of all people.  I can turn even the hearts of evil rulers to do My will just like I turn the waters in the river courses.

Do not ignore those good intentions that you have almost daily, and be sure to follow through on them.  Only the Word of God can give you full discernment of what intentions come from Me or another source.  Read My Word daily.  Meditate and memorize it.  Hide it in your heart, and only then will you know whether or not I have spoken to your heart to do something.  My Word is sharper than a two-edged sword and only it is able to discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.


Sunday, January 10, 2016


I have given you and every believer the ministry of reconciliation.  I came into the world to reconcile mankind to My Father.  My Father has purer eyes than to behold evil, and this is why the sins of the world had to be laid upon Me when I died on the tree.

On that fateful day when I died on the tree, I became the perfect sacrifice that finally satisfied My Fathers requirements to cleanse by My shed blood those who will believe in Me.  When you believed in Me, you were reconciled to My Father.

Now I commission you to share this good news with others so that they also can receive the cleansing from sin that can only be accomplished through believing in Me.  Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.  Pray for those you know who have not yet received and believed these truths.

HABAKKUK 1:13; ISAIAH 53:5-6; 2 CORINTHIANS 5:18-21

Saturday, January 9, 2016


How can two walk together, except they be agreed?  There may be times in your marriage when you agree to disagree with your spouse.  Big decisions in your family should be made only when there is agreement between the husband and wife.

Pray together about these big decisions, and I will be able to bring you into unity and harmony.  Seek My wisdom, and you will always benefit from obeying the wisdom that I give you. 

Agreement is not only necessary when big decisions have to be made, but it is also necessary when you pray.  One can put 1,000 to flight and two can put 10,000 to flight when you are in agreement as you pray warfare prayers against My enemy.  Whenever two or three are gathered in My name, I have promised to be in the midst of those gathered.  Make it your goal this year to pray in agreement with your spouse and with others who believe in Me and seek to do My will.


Friday, January 8, 2016


Every day you have decisions that you need to make.  I recognize that you cannot stop and pray about every decision you make.  However, if you are intentional in tuning into the voice of My Holy Spirit within you, you will be led to make wise decisions.

When your desire is to walk in My righteous path, My Spirit will help you even in the small things of life.  Remember always that what seems to be a small decision to you at the time may have major consequences that are not the best in the future.

Trust Me.  This is why Solomon wrote to not lean on your own understanding.  Your own understanding is usually the understanding that is influenced by your flesh and worldliness.  I am made unto you all wisdom, and that wisdom includes My prudence, discernment, knowledge, and understanding.  I know your future, and you do not.  I can help you make the right decisions that will have good consequences in your future.


Thursday, January 7, 2016


You may be asked to help people at a time when you are not in the mood to help.  When you are willing the lay your life (conveniences and plans) down to meet another person's needs, you have seen how I quite often I supply the need through another means.

I always honor a heart that is willing to sacrifice in order to help someone.  When I humbled Myself and came to Earth, I had to give up the glory that I experienced in heaven.  I had a willing heart to become the perfect sacrifice that would once and for all satisfy My Father's need to offer cleansing from sin for those who would believe in Me.

For the joy that was set before Me, I endured the cross because I knew the joy that would come to those who would believe in Me and the One Who sent Me.  Ask Me today to give you the same willing sacrificial heart that I had, and you too will experience much joy.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


What do you do when you say the blessing at meals?  You give thanks before you eat the meal.  I did the same when I blessed the loaves and fishes.  What happened when I thanked My Father for the food He was going to provide?  Twice the multitudes of thousands were fed simply because I gave thanks.

Thanksgiving is the key to fruitfulness.  Grace abounds to those who give thanks before they experience the fulfilment of their requests on earth.  Paul knew the secret to fruitfulness.  He exhorted believers to always make their requests known with thanksgiving.

You extend a holy fishing line to heaven when you give your requests to Me by faith.  By faith (the evidence of things not seen), you reel in the answer to your prayer with thanksgiving.  When you do this, grace will always abound.  Grace imparted through thanksgiving is the secret to fruitfulness.  Grace is the supernatural ability to do what is impossible in the natural.  Thank Me today as you release your requests to Me in prayer.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Sometimes it seems like forever for Me to fulfill a promise that I have given you.  I often am called "The God of the Midnight Hour."  I know you feel like the promises and answers to your prayers come almost too late, but actually they are right on time.

My timing is not your timing.  I do nothing in haste.  The world's way is to get things done as fast as possible.  I measured the universe and threw it into space, and I also measure the waiting time that you often experience as you look for My promises to be fulfilled and your prayers to be answered.

I definitely am not slow.  Time is in My hands.  I design those waiting times so that you will learn to both exercise your faith and trust in Me.  Believe in faith when you do not see the answer, and trust Me to deliver the answers right on time.


Monday, January 4, 2016


Now that all the holidays are over, it is time to put up all the decorations and celebration articles until next year.  Holidays are wonderful, but they do take a great deal of work. 

The word, "holiday," comes from My Word.  I set aside special holy days in My Word.  Those days sometimes were fast days and sometimes they were feast days.   These days were designed to help My people focus on Me without the distractions of their daily routines of life. As you look forward to future holidays with your family, I want you to make every day a holy day.

When you arise every morning, commit your day to Me, and ask My Holy Spirit to help you make the day a holy day (a day when you can hear the gentle voice of My Spirit, a day when you can offer the sacrifices of thanksgiving, praise, and worship to Me, commune with Me in prayer, and study My Word).  Every day will be a holy day when you offer your body as a living sacrifice and the members of your body to Me to be used as instruments of My love, peace, and joy.

EXODUS 12:16; ROMANS 12:1; ROMANS 6:13

Sunday, January 3, 2016


It is so easy to draw conclusions about the various people you meet.  However, I instructed My followers not to judge others and to judge nothing before the time.  The reason that it is impossible for you to draw conclusions about people is because you do not know the rest of their story.

The only thing that you can with confidence draw a conclusion about is what happens at the end of time.  I have clearly stated in My Word the rest of the story.  When things are wrapped up at the end of time even the stars in heaven will be wrapped up, and there will eventually be a new heaven and a new earth.

When you know the conclusion to the real life stories written in My Word, you will have great confidence in My faithfulness to fulfill My Word.  I want you to look at people with the attitude that I am still working in their lives.  Do not be discouraged when you see their actions and words that do not glorify Me.  Keep praying for them to give themselves freely to Me, and then the rest of their story will end well.


Saturday, January 2, 2016


I grant the desires of the righteous.  When you received Me as your Lord and Savior, you were dressed in My robe of righteousness. When you delight yourself in Me daily, I will be able to give you both the will and the way to do My Father's will.  It is My Father's will that you daily walk in the paths of righteousness that I have prepared for you.. 

What I plant in your heart, I grant.  My Spirit will help you to plow up the fallow ground in your heart to receive the words that I will plant in your heart.  Those words are usually the promises found in My Word, but sometimes I will give you a very personal word or promise.

When you receive a personal promise from Me, I want you to stand on that promise no matter what you see in the natural.  Abraham was persuaded that what I had promised him would be fulfilled and that confidence in My faithfulness was counted to him for righteousness.

PSALM 37:3-5; PHILIPPIANS 2:13; PSALM 23:3; ROMANS 4:21-22

Friday, January 1, 2016


When you look at the word, "Recommend" in your English language, you can see several small words included.  The small words are "commend," "end," and "me."

This year I recommend that you come to Me and trust Me with the "end" of your story.  I do hold your future, and you can trust Me to give you a good ending to the story of your life.  I know how you refuse to read a book or see a movie that does not have a joyful, happy ending.  Rest assured that your life will end well.

It is when you trust in yourself (the "me" of your flesh) that worry thoughts will assail your mind.
Trust Me with all of your heart this year and refuse to lean on your own understanding. You will have peace of mind and heart, and joy as you come to Me and trust Me to perfect those things that you are concerned about.  I COMMEND YOU FOR TRUSTING ME IN THE YEAR OF 2016.

MATTHEW 11:28-29; PROVERBS 3:5; PSALM 138:8