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Welcome to the blog for Linda Sommer.

My Blog will cover three subjects:


Every day I spend time with the Lord in the morning and He speaks to my heart words that are encouraging, exhorting and sometimes rebuking.

At first, I felt not to share these words with others, but then I realized I am just one of His followers. There are many people who need a word daily from the Lord, but they do not have the time to seek Him. This is why I decided to share the words I received from time to time. The messages are in first person as the the Lord relayed them to my spirtual ears.

We have three sons and nine grandchildren. There is something new happening all the time in the Sommer family. I will post some of these events of interest.

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Monday, January 31, 2011


Consider Me as you read the Gospels. Observe what I did and listen to what I said. Consider My love, but also consider My authority over the demonic in people. I want you to know the height, the depth, the length, and the width of My love and I want you to share that love with others. I desire for you to know the authority you have over the demonic as you proclaim My name and bind the demonic in My blood.

Consider the fact that I died for the whole world, not just you. I was the perfect sacrificial offering that was given to the whole world to remove transgressions, iniquities, and sin. The day I died on the tree, I offered the whole world My righteousness as a gift. Sadly, many have not believed in Me or received My righteousness.

When you consider the fact that I considered every person you may meet today as worth dying for and worth being resurrected to give new life to them, then you will be considerate of others. Consider the fact that you do not wrestle with flesh and blood. Do your warfare against the demonic, not people. Striving with others is never fruitful. Taking authority over the demonic in others is always fruitful.

JOHN 3:16-21; EPHESIANS 6:12

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Throughout the ages, people have sought ways to make them younger and ways that they can replenish what the aging process has stolen. I offer you a replenishing process that far outweighs anything that man can offer to replenish you. I daily desire to replenish your soul and when your soul is replenished, your soul will prosper and your health will prosper.

First I offer you the cleansing process of My blood. When you daily ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any sins that need to be confessed and then you confess them, My blood will cleanse you of those sins. Next I offer the fire of My Holy Spirit to consume any fleshly habits that keep you in bondage. After your flesh has been dealt with, I offer the water of My Word to cleanse and renew your mind. Your worldly way of thinking will be washed away as you daily take time in My Word. Now you are ready for the oil of My anointing. My anointing will make your face shine with My glory and give you the power to do My will.

Come to Me daily and receive this replenishing of your soul.

1 JOHN 1:7-10; ROMANS 8:1, 12:2; 2 CORINTHIANS 4:6-7

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I know how difficult it is for you to keep a heavenly perspective when you have so much to do every day. You have appointments and schedules to keep, various tasks at work and at home, and other daily activities. I have sent My Holy Spirit and He stands ready to help you with every task. He knows what lies ahead and He can strengthen you with My joy as you seek His help moment by moment. He can help you organize your day so that at the end of day you can thank Me for a fruitful day.

Make it your goal this year to settle in your quiet place for just a moment or two before the day starts. Ask Me for wisdom and enjoy My presence. In My presence is fulness of joy. My Spirit will give you discernment about people and about your schedule.

So many of My beloved do not take time to ask for help from the Helper, My Spirit. He loves to give His assistance to you. Listen carefully to His voice throughout the day and you will be able to keep a heavenly persective.

JOHN 15:15-27

Friday, January 28, 2011


Busyness is a great enemy of Mine. You live in an age where everyone is busy doing something.
With the technological advancements people can even watch TV and see movies wherever they are. Many have lost the art of communication. Instead of communicating with people eye to eye, so many have their heads buried in tiny little technological machines. If the devil cannot make you overtly sin, he will see to it that you will be too busy to do kingdom work.

Time is short and the devil knows it. Make it your goal not to be so busy daily that you forget to have your quiet time with Me. It is in those times with you that I can refresh you and anoint you to do My will. In those quiet moments with Me, I will strengthen you with My joy and calm you with My peace.

Quiet your soul today and commit your works to Me. Then I will lead you to do the works I designed for you to do from the foundation of the Earth.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


You live in an age where all kinds of information is at your finger tips. With the stroke of one finger you can pull up the definition to a word, instructions on how to accomplish a project, where to take a trip, and much more. The information, however, that will change your life is in My Word.

When you hide My Word in your heart, My Holy Spirit will be able to pull up the information you need to give a word of encouragement, to pray effectively, and to minister My Words of life to someone.

My Word is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Make it your goal this year to hide My Word in your heart. This year seek the information that will change you and change others. My Word is the only Book that can give you that information.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You may not realize it, but I am your caretaker. I am the One Who can take care of all of your cares. When you release your cares to Me, I rejoice because then I am able to begin to perfect everything that concerns you. One of the ways you can humble yourself before Me is to cast every care upon Me because I care for you.

Never feel like what concerns you is too small to pray about. My friend Paul exhorted all believers to pray about EVERYTHING with thanksgiving. When you do this, you will be praying without ceasing and your mind will be stayed on Me all the day long. You will not be trying to solve your problems on your own. You will be asking Me for wisdom. Remember always that I am the solution to every problem and I am the caretaker of every care.

1 PETER 5:6-7; PSALM 138:8; PHILIPPIANS 4:6-7

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


When I ascended on high, I led captivity captive and gave gifts to men. The gifts and calling I have given you are without repentance. What I give is given forever. All you have to do is to receive those gifts and calling and walk in them. I am the One Who calls you and is faithful to accomplish that call in your life.

I challenge you to use those giftings daily. You do not have to be in a meeting or even at church to use those gifts. Every gift I give you is to manifest My glory and My power to others. Exercise the gifts I have given you wherever I lead you. You can use those gifts at your work and in the market place. People were drawn to Me for My teachings, but most came to Me to receive My touch of healing and deliverance. The same is true today.

This year make it your goal to use your giftings. Pray daily that I will put you in the right place and at the right time to minister to someone who needs My touch. Never forget that I am the One Who works through you both to will and to do of My good pleasure.


Monday, January 24, 2011


Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. David wrote these words many years before I came to Earth, but He knew Me by the Spirit. David stayed close to Me and trusted Me throughout his life because he knew My character. He knew that I was merciful. He knew that I would work things out for the good in his life.

David talked to Me like a friend. He poured out all of his complaints to Me. He was able to praise Me even when he was in the midst of his enemies. David knew I was with him always. He kept My face ever before him.

Daily make it your goal to gaze at Me in the Spirit as David did and just glance at your problems. When you do this, you will always be victorious.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Earthly beauty does not compare with the place I have prepared for you. One day there will be a new heaven and a new Earth with no polution, no corruption, and nothing that is not perfect in every way. All this awaits you when you leave this Earth and enter into that place I have prepared for you. I go to prepare a place for you and I am doing this even now.

In the world there is much tribulation, but My joy can strengthen and cheer you when you go through trials. When you set your affections on the things that are above, not on the earth, you will remain in My joy.

Make it your goal this year to think of the place that I have prepared for you whenever you get overwhelmed with the troubles of this world. Of course, I do not want you to be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good, but I do want you to experience My presence with you moment by moment.


Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am able to give you witty inventions. I am all Wisdom and even though there is nothing new under the sun, I am able to give you inventive ideas when you ask Me for wisdom.

I can give you inventive ways of doing things in your work day and those inventive ways will save you much time. I can give you inventive ways to start a new business or even to please your mate. I am truly the author and creator of all things.

Make it your goal this year to ask Me for wisdom throughout the year, and you will be amazed at the creative ideas I will give you.


Friday, January 21, 2011


I have rescued you from the kingdom of darkness and I have brought you into the kingdom of light. You are in a safe place now. You are hid with Me in My Father. Not only are you in a safe place, but you are also in a place of grace.

Make it your goal this year to spend just a few minutes with Me every day. Thank Me for the grace I am giving you to live that day. Grace is the supernatural ability to do what is impossible in the natural. After you spend those few moments with Me, look forward to seeing how My grace will be manifested to you throughout the day.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


My Father so loved the world that He gave Me to be the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world. After you received Me as your Lord and Savior, He gave you the keys to the Kingdom.
On the day of Pentecost over 2000 years ago, He gave you My Holy Spirit. I came to give you eternal life and life more abundant. I give you peace, joy, hope, faith and many more vital things that help you daily.

All Kingdom work involves giving. I have called you to be a "giver." Never hesitate to give when you are asked to give. Great joy comes when you are a cheerful giver. Make it your goal this year to live to give. Freely you have received, freely give and you will have joy unspeakable full of glory.

JOHN 3:16

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I sent My Holy Spirit to comfort you because I knew that you would face trials, tests, and tribulation. Father never wanted the Earth to be in a state of dying, but when Adam sinned, death came. One day there will be a new heaven and a new Earth, and you can look forward to that day. In the meantime, however, you need comfort because you live in the world.

I meant it when I said that you can be of good cheer even in this world where tribulation occurs. My Holy Spirit can comfort you during those times when you experience the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship, and other trying times. My Holy Spirit can bring comfort in the midst of chaos.

You can be of good cheer in every tribulation because you know for a fact that I have overcome the world. Look to Me quickly when things are difficult in your life. Call on My Comforter to embrace you and give you My peace. When you do this, you will even be able to rejoice in the midst of trials.

JOHN 14:11-20; 26; 16:33

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


You wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and wickedness in heavenly places. I want you always to remember this. When you see evil manifested in people, pray for them. I have given you the keys to the kingdom to bind and to loose in My name. I have given you all power over all the power of the enemy. Satan uses people to do his work, and most of the people are not even aware of the fact that their speech and actions are being controled by demonic forces. Never fight or get into strife with people. In your alone times pray for those who come against you because your true enemy is Satan.

When you see greed manifested in a person, bind the spirit of greed in My blood and with My name and command that spirit to go where I will deal with that spirit. Curse the fruits of that spirit. Then loose the spirit of giving to the person. Satan uses people to come against you, but you have the authority in My name to set people free from their bondage. Use your weapons of warfare daily and never allow what people do or say to affect you personally. People are not against you. Satan is. I am for you so then who can be against you. I will do battle for you when you use your weapons of warfare.


Monday, January 17, 2011


I know how you pray for future events in your life to change. You say to yourself, "Eventually things will change." However, keep in mind always that I am the initiater of change. It is good for you to pray for good changes to happen such as changes in your health for the good, changes in circumstances for the good, and even changes in your relationships for the good. I hear those prayers. However, understand that when you pray this way that you are not praying in faith. Instead, you are praying with a hope for future change.

Hope is always based on the future and faith is always based on the now. I want you to always pray believing and receiving by faith in the now those changes that you would like to see happen. Begin to thank Me for hearing your prayers and for changing those things at the right time. Trust Me with the changes and thank Me ahead of time for manifesting those changes on Earth when the time is right.

My servant and friend Paul exhorted all believers to make their prayers and supplications to Me with thanksgiving. Thanking Me ahead of time before you see any physical evidence on Earth of the answer to your prayers is so pleasing to Me. When you thank Me ahead of time you are saying to Me, "I trust you Lord and I know you are working things out in the spirit realm even though I cannot see the evidence now. Abrahams' faith was accounted to Him as righteousness because He believed and received ahead of time My message that He would have an heir from his own loins.

Make all of your requests and supplications to Me with sincere thanks and and then you will never have to be anxious or even doubt that I am about doing the changes in your life that are best for you.


Sunday, January 16, 2011


My love for you is constant. It never changes, and I never change. I am the same today, yesterday and forever. As you keep your focus on Me, I will empower you to be consistent in your walk with Me.

I call you to be both consistent and persistent. Make it your goal this year to persistently day by day seek Me and My Kingdom with all of your heart. When you do this, My love will flow through you constantly. I will also give you the will and the way to accomplish the works I have ordained for you to do from the foundation of the Earth.


Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am not bound by time. When you leave this Earth you will enter a timeless zone. However, you are right now in this timeless zone. When you accepted Me as your Lord and Savior, you entered eternity where there is no time. I am eternal life. I set the moon and the sun in the heavens to define time, but you do not have to be bound by a twenty-four hour day.

Never allow time to pressure you or confine you. Come to Me and give Me your moments daily. I will then be able to give you time when you think you do not have time to do everything.

Make it your goal this year to commit your works to Me daily and I will order your thoughts in such a way that you will accomplish all that I have planned for you. Commit every moment of each day to Me and I will bring My will to pass in your life. You will be surprised at the end of each day to see how fruitful the day has been.


Friday, January 14, 2011


I have called you and every believer to be a king and a priest. You begin to fulfill these roles on Earth. The priests of old offered sacrifices of animals to My Father. I gave Myself to you as the perfect sacrifice. No longer do you have to offer physical sacrifices. However, there are many spiritual sacrifices that you can offer to Me every day. One of those spiritual sacrifices is the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

When you are able to thank Me even during difficult times in your life, I am so very pleased. Your thanksgiving reveals a heart that trusts in Me to see you through victoriously in every trial.

Make it your goal this year to give thanks to Me daily both in everything and for everything.
Your thanksgiving sacrifices to Me cause My grace to abound to you. A greatful heart is a grace-filled heart.


Thursday, January 13, 2011


You live in a world where people are always looking for results. Employers want to see excellent results from employees. Teachers want to see good results when they test their students. Parents want to see great results from the training they give their children.

My Kingdom is so different from the worldly kingdom. I never seek results from you. All I am looking for is resolve. When you resolve daily to do My will instead of going your own way, you can leave the results to Me. I am the One Who will both give you the will to do My will and empower you to accomplish My will.

As much as you try, you will never see good results in your growth spiritually if you struggle to follow Me. The life you live now is not your own. I am your life. Make it your goal this year to allow Me to live My life through you. When you do this, you will see excellent results.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes when you hear the word, "righteous," you have an image of a person who follows all the rules and regulations in order to walk in a righteous way. Righteousness cannot be earned by what you do or what you say. I am the only hope you have of ever fulfilling the righteousness that My Father requires. I am your righteousness. I became sin for you so that you now are the righteousness of God in Me. Let this fact sink deep into your spirit.

No longer do you have to struggle to meet the requirements of the law. There is only one righteous requirement of the law and that requirement can only be met by Me. That righteous requirement of the law is love.

Because you have received Me as your Lord and Savior, I can fulfill the law of love through you. My Holy Spirit is given to you to enable you to love Me with all your heart and to love others as you love yourself.

Make it your goal this year to daily ask Me to help you to love as I love. My love then will begin to flow through you and many will be touched by My love.

2 CORINTHIANS 5:21; ROMANS 6:13-14; ROMANS 13:8-9

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Write the vision and make it clear. It is written in My Word that people perish when they lack vision. I love for you to envision things. Ask My Holy Spirit to give you faith visions as you ponder and pray about various concerns you have at this time. Remember always that I am able to perfect every concern you may have.

Release every concern to Me in prayer and then wait for My Spirit to unveil My plans to help you with these concerns. I am able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you could ever ask or think according to the power that works within you. This is why you need My Holy Spirit to help you step beyond your on ability to imagine and envision. Never forget that with Me all things are possible.


Monday, January 10, 2011


Just as the snow and rain come down to the earth and do not return there but water the earth, so the words that come from My mouth never return to Me void. My Word will always accomplish what I purpose it to do and it will prosper.

My Words provide the seeds that will germinate in your heart when those seeds are watered by My Holy Spirit.

Make it your goal this year not to just read My Word. Ask My Holy Spirit these questions as you read through the Bible this year: Is there a promise that You want me to claim? Is there an instruction you want me to follow? Is there a direction you want me to take? Is there an encouraging word you want me to relay to another?

ISAIAH 55:10-11

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is not a time to slumber. This is a time for you to watch and pray. In order for you to watch, you need to be alert to the enemy's schemes. He will do everything he can to keep you from reading and meditating on My Word. His plan is to make you so busy that you do not have time to stay in My Word and pray.

I have called you not only to watch out for the enemy's tactics in your own life, but also to exhort those who believe in Me to stay alert. Seducing spirits are on the rampage in these last days and they can easily attack those who are spiritually slumbering.

Make it your goal this year to submit yourself daily to Me by offering your body to me as a living sacrifice. Also stand in My full armor and resist the devil when he attacks you and those you love.

MARK 13:35-37; 1 PETER 5:8-9

Saturday, January 8, 2011


You live in an age that is pressure-packed. The simplicity of life has been invaded by the technical age. More than ever, it is important for you to learn to still your soul in My presence. The pressures in your life can be easily relieved when you come to Me and cast every care upon Me.

You are created to have fellowship with Me -heart to heart and Spirit to Spirit. When you take time daily to sit at My feet, I am then able to lift you to the standing position where I will be the One Who will withstand all the pressures you may encounter that day.

I am your refuge, strong tower, and shield. I am able to put you in a pavillion far away from the strife of tongues. Make it your goal this year to take a few minutes every day to just sit in My presence. Give Me your burdens and then allow Me to blanket you with My peace.

MATTHEW 11:28-29; PSALM 144:2; PSALM 31:20

Friday, January 7, 2011


Distraction is one of the major weapons the enemy uses against My servants. He desires to get your focus diverted from Me to your problems - physical, financial, and relational.

I am the glory and the lifter of your head and I am a shield round about you. Every day picture Me in your mind. See Me lifting your head above the roaring waters of adversity that seek to drown you. Remember how Peter only began to sink in the dark waters when he took his eyes off of Me. The sinking feelings you have from time to time will fade away as you center your attention once again upon Me.

Every day I reach down and place My hand under your chin and whisper, "Look up and see Me. I love you."

PSALM 3:3; MATTHEW 14:15-32

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Surgery is not pleasant. No one wants to go under the knife. However, daily I seek to do surgery on your soul. I am the "Great Physician" Who can use My surgical knife, the two edged sword of My Word, to get rid of the excess in your life. Only I can by My Spirit and My Word divide your soul from your spirit.

Soulish thinking comes from an unrenewed mind. Those who refuse to place their flesh under My knife will never experience the healing I have for their souls.

Make it your goal this year to daily lift up your soul to Me so that I can restore your soul and heal all wounds from the past. Also daily spend time in My Word so that your mind can be renewed.

HEBREWS 4:12; PSALM 86:4

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The provision I have alloted to you is limitless. You have not because you ask not. I am the gatekeeper to the treasure house in heaven. This treasure house is filled with more than just provision to meet your financial needs. This treasure house is filled with everything you need. I died and was raised again to give you total access not only to My throne room, but also to My treasure house. I daily give you the invitation to come boldly into My throne room to receive grace whenever you have a need.

Grace is My supernatural way of enabling you to do and to receive what in the natural is impossible. Know with a deep assurance that it is My pleasure to meet your every need. Never hesitate to ask when you are in need.

JAMES 4:2; HEBREWS 4:14-16, 10:14-23

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Pouring out and refilling is the mode of operation for My saints. I see each saint as a precious, costly vessel that is created to be filled with the water of My Word and My Spirit. I fill you, however, so that you can pour out My love and My Word to others. There should be a constant flow of My Spirit out of your life to others.

If you could have your eyes opened to see the spirit realm, you would see the River of Life flowing from My throne room. You sometimes feel like you run out of gas by the end of the day. That is because you did not take time to drink from My River of Life.

Make it you goal this year to take a few minutes every morning to drink from My River of Life. Sit quietly in My presence and allow Me to refill you and strengthen you with My Spirit.


Monday, January 3, 2011


This age is so geared for things to happen instantly that waiting is almost a lost art. One of the fruits of the Spirit is longsuffering. You display this fruit when you are willing to wait upon Me in the midst of trials.

It is your nature to want to escape when you are going through difficult times. However, that is the very time that you need to press into Me. Be willing to rest in Me with quiet assurance that I have heard your prayers and that I am answering them.

Faith is not seen, and you cannot see the warfare in the spirit realm that often is taking place while you wait for your prayers to be answered. Remember Daniel and how I heard his prayer the moment he cried out to Me, but there was war in the heavenlies that caused the answer to his prayer to be delayed. As you enter this next year, make it your goal to wait patiently upon Me with sure confidence that I hear your prayers and that I answer them.

DANIEL 10:10-15; 1 JOHN 5:14-15

Sunday, January 2, 2011


There is something cozy about nestling under a warm blanket on a cold night. The winter months are here, but this season can provide warmth and comfort for your soul as you draw near to Me. You nestle when you press into somone or something for comfort and security. As you press into Me and draw near to Me every morning, it is My delight to blanket you with My peace.

When I walked on earth I gave an invitation to everyone to come to Me when they are laboring and feel heavy laden. I invited all to take My yoke upon them and learn meekness and lowliness of heart. The yoke I spoke of is My Holy Spirit. As you yoke yourself with My Spirit this year, you will be able to walk in step with Me. If you make it your goal this year to allow Me to teach you meekness and lowliness of heart, you will have a blessed year of rest.

Rest for your soul comes when you cast every care upon Me and nestle all day long in My presence. No circumstance or trial will be able to invade the peace and comfort I can give you when you draw close to Me. When I died as the perfect sacrifice I not only bore your sin, but I also bore your burdens. Humble yourself daily by releasing every care to Me. Then you will be able to enjoy My presence that provides you with My love, peace, and joy.

MATTHEW 11:28-30; 1 PETER 5:6-7

Saturday, January 1, 2011


As you enter this new year, I know that you have many resolutions that you intend to keep in the new year. You may be determined to keep every one of those resolutions. Self-effort, however, will not enable you to keep those resolutions.

The greatest resolution you can make is to rest in Me. Surrender your body daily to Me as a living sacrifice. Commit your works and your resolutions to Me, and I will order your thoughts. Commit your way to Me and I will bring My will to pass in your life.

Resolve to rest in Me and allow Me to work through you both to will and to do of My Father's good pleasure.