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Welcome to the blog for Linda Sommer.

My Blog will cover three subjects:


Every day I spend time with the Lord in the morning and He speaks to my heart words that are encouraging, exhorting and sometimes rebuking.

At first, I felt not to share these words with others, but then I realized I am just one of His followers. There are many people who need a word daily from the Lord, but they do not have the time to seek Him. This is why I decided to share the words I received from time to time. The messages are in first person as the the Lord relayed them to my spirtual ears.

We have three sons and nine grandchildren. There is something new happening all the time in the Sommer family. I will post some of these events of interest.

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Monday, December 30, 2019


At the conclusion of a physical battle during wartime, the soldiers are weary, but they are strengthened as they joyously celebrate the victory just won.

You are in a war.  There will be battles in your life that you feel you cannot win.  This is truth.  This is why I instruct you to give all the battles in your life to Me.  I am Captain of the heavenly hosts, and I am able to give you victory in every battle you face.

I only require four things of you as you release every spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental battle to Me.  I want you not to grow weary in well doing.  Then I want you to wait upon Me.  When you wait upon Me, you are putting your complete trust in My power and My authority to win these battles for you.  During this waiting period, you are to stay in praise and thanksgiving and declare My Word.


Sunday, December 29, 2019


As you read the last psalms in the book of Psalms, you will be able to grasp My greatness, my awesome power, and My majestic ways. 

The psalmist was careful as he wrote these psalms to mention the reason why I came to Earth.  I came to Earth and denied My kingly majesty and glory to save the world from sin, to preach good tidings to the meek, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and to open the prison to those who are bound.

My mission on Earth was not a majestic mission.  I came to serve mankind, and to reveal the loving heart of My heavenly Father.  Your mission is the same.  You are on Earth not to be served, but to serve.  Think of ways in this new year that you can serve.

PSALM 147:3; ISAIAH 61:

Saturday, December 28, 2019


Some times when you have difficulty in relationships, you feel helpless and you wish you could do something to fix it.  You think that there is nothing you can do to make things right again.

There is something you can do when you feel like you can do nothing. You can pray and give that burden to Me.  Release the person in  your difficult relationship to Me.  Pray a blessing over that person.  Release all judgment of that person to Me.

Begin to give thanks daily to Me for having that person in your life.  Remember the good times you had with that person.  These are just a few things you can do when you feel like you can do nothing.

LUKE 6:37

Thursday, December 26, 2019


Sometimes you feel like you just want to take a giant leap of faith.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The faith that will move mountains in your life is faith in Me.

When a sudden storm came up and filled our boat with water, My disciples woke Me up and exclaimed, "Master, do You not care that we perish?"  I calmed the storm and rebuked My disciples and said, "Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?

Fear is what keeps you from taking giant leaps of faith.  Give all of your fears to Me, and then believe that I am the One Who works within you both to give you the will to do My will and the way to accomplish My will in your life.

MARK 4:37-40; PHILIPPIANS 2:13

Wednesday, December 25, 2019


It still amazes Me how Your Heavenly Father was willing to take upon Himself an earth suit made of flesh and come and dwell among us. 

You spoke to me years ago about why You became Emmanuel.   You had to live the life that we are meant to live.  However, you could never live that life without My sacrificial death and resurrection.

The same spirit that raised Me from the dead now dwells inside of your mortal body because you repented of your unbelief and received Me as your Lord and Savior when you were a child.  As you look back on your life, you can see how I was with you even when you were conceived.  Emmanuel means God with you, and I am with you now and always will be with you for all eternity.


Monday, December 23, 2019


The glitter of this world really shines during this season.  Christmas trees, presents, and most decorations shine with sparkling red and green glitter. 

The glitter of this world pales in comparison to the bright shining light that I commanded to shine out of darkness into your heart to give you the light of the knowledge of the glory of My Father in My face.

Now, you have the opportunity to allow the glory of My presence within you to shine brightly to others through your own face.  I want My light within you to shine brighter than ever during this joyous season that celebrates My birth.


Saturday, December 21, 2019


Stockings filled with all kinds of small gifts are usually hung on the mantel in the homes that celebrate My birth. Of course, those Christmas stockings are only decorative.  Often warm socks are placed in those decorative stockings.

When I walked on Earth, we did not wear stockings.  We wore sandals without warm stockings.  Warm stockings would have been welcomed on those cold winter months when My family and I walked to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Dedication.

The warm water used to clean our feet whenever we entered a home or the Temple was so welcome after our long walks. Part of your full armor is to shod your feet with the gospel of the preparation of peace.  I want you to be prepared to share My gospel with those you meet during this joyous season.


Friday, December 20, 2019


People often pray for a white Christmas.  When I was born, it was a cold day in Bethlehem and snow was on the tips of the Golan Heights.  It was the warmth of the angels who ministered to My mother and Joseph to keep them warm and Me warm during our stay in the cave.

I have ministering angels for you today.  Each one who reads this message needs to know that whatever their concern is that I can perfect everything that concerns each individual.

Every snow flake has a different design, and I have a special design for every individual who is burdened by cares today.  Give Me all you cares and like snow falling softly, even so will My blessings come your way.  Release all to Me.

PSALM 138:8

Thursday, December 19, 2019


By now you have placed all of your favorite ornaments on your Christmas tree.  Many families enjoy home made ornaments that their children made when they were very young. Other families collect ornaments from their various travels.

Solomon wrote about ornaments that are more precious than any you may want to put on your tree.  He wrote: "My son, hear the instruction of your father, and forsake not the law of your mother, for they shall be an ornament of grace to your head, and chains around your neck."

Honoring your father and mother is the only commandment that has a promise.  The promise is that if you honor your father and mother, your days will be long on the earth. This Christmas if your mother and dad are still living, do something special to honor them and thank them for all they have done for you.

PROVERBS 1:8-9; EXODUS 20:12

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


My Father and I both love smells.  We created man in our image to enjoy the smells on this Earth.  This is a season when scented candles, fresh pine branches and Christmas trees,, and turkey dinners alert your sense of smell to enjoy this wonderful season when people celebrate My birth.

My Father and I love the smell of your prayers during this time of the year.  So many who have never prayed take time to thank My Father for sending Me to Earth as a new born babe.  Your prayers of thanksgiving and praise are a sweet incense that My Father and I smell daily.

Take time this year to send your prayers soaring to our throne room.  The wings that will cause your prayers to soar are forgiveness and belief.  I am waiting to hear from you this morning and waiting to smell the sweet incense of your prayers.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019


My love endures all things.  Endurance during difficult circumstances can only come as you depend upon Me.  When you go through lengthy trials, come to Me and ask Me to infuse you with My love.

My love will enable you to endure through whatever you may face each day.  When you wake up in the morning, you have no idea what you will face during that day, but My Holy Spirit knows.

Every morning ask Me to help you love like I love because My love is able to bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things.


Friday, December 13, 2019


There were shepherds in the fields at night when I was born because it was time for the lambs to be born.  They were watching their flocks by night.  I am the Lamb of God, and it was fitting that I be born during the lambing season.

I am also your "Good Shepherd, " so choosing to announce My birth to the shepherds first was also the plan of My Father.  It is My joy to shepherd you throughout your life.

December 25th is the date everyone celebrates My birth, and I am pleased that people would remember My birth at any time in the year.  In fact, I want you to celebrate My birth daily. On the fateful day I died to take away your sins, I gave My Spirit into  My Father's hands at the very moment that the lambs were being slain for Passover.  These facts should give you great comfort because now you know how detailed My Holy Father is.

LUKE 2, 23:46

Thursday, December 12, 2019


People are desperate for love, and some search in the wrong places to receive love.  Others feel like if they could find true love that they would finally be happy.

There is only one true love.  I am both the truth and I am also love.  My perfect love will cast out all of your fears.  The height of My love is My grace that flows to you continually.  The only thing that can block that flow is your own pride.  I give grace to the humble and I resist the proud.

The depth of My love is My forgiveness.  I have already forgiven all of  your sins (past, present, and future).  The width of My love is My truth because My truth will set you free to be who you were created to be.  The length of My love is My mercy.  My mercy is extended to every generation.
This Christmas I want you to receive My love and give My love to others.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019


You usually expect to gain about five pounds during Christmas because of all the dinner parties and rich food.  I know you asked the question many times: "Why did God create  us to enjoy food so much and then make it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it?

This morning you were thinking about your husband who is now in heaven and you were wondering what he was eating now.  You found your answer as you read your reading for today in Revelation.

He is tasting the fruits from the tree of life and eating hidden manna. I created the five senses (taste, smell, see, hear and touch) so that you can receive great enjoyment as you eat.meals on Earth.  The food that awaits you in heaven is even better than earthly food, so look forward to dining with Me.


Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I know how you do not look forward to wrapping presents to celebrate My birthday.  Your mother solved that problem by putting small gifts in lunch sacks, medium size gifts in plastic trash bags, and large gifts in huge black garbage sacks.  At least she did stick a bow or two on the presents.

Few people save Christmas wrapping paper.  In fact, most of it goes into the fire.  It is not the wrapping on the outside that counts. It is the gift on the inside that means everything.

My mother wrapped Me in swaddling clothes and laid Me in a manger. Only Mary knew what precious gift she wrapped in those rags that were used to wrap the new born lambs as they were birthed.  How fitting.  I am the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.  Unwrap Me this Christmas by enjoying the priceless gift (salvation) that I gave you.

LUKE 2:7

Monday, December 9, 2019


As you invest time in getting your home ready for Christmas, sometimes you feel a little sad because you know in a few weeks you will have to pack up the decorations and all the gatherings with family and friends during the season will just be precious memories.

Events in life are all temporary.  This is why My friend Paul exhorted believers to set their affection on the things that are above instead of the things on this Earth.

Take time during this busy season to enjoy quiet moments to read My Word and commune with Me in prayer.  When you do this, the joy that you have during this season will not pass away because you will receive My joy that will strengthen you for all your tasks. Also the joyful Christmas melodies you heard will replay in your heart and mind all year long.


Saturday, December 7, 2019


The storehouse mentioned in Malachi 3:8-11 is in heaven, not on Earth.  My storehouse is filled with everything you have ever invested in My kingdom on Earth.  It includes the record of souls that have been saved because  you took the time to share the truths of My gospel with them.  It includes the account of the investments of money you have given to further My kingdom on Earth and your offerings to the poor.

Your investments in My kingdom on Earth includes food not only for My houses of worship on Earth, but also the bread of My Word that you have given to many on Earth. 

Your offerings to the poor will pay great dividends. When you give to the poor, you lend to Me.  Today let more of your banking be done in My storehouse in heaven, and I will open up the windows of heaven to give you a blessing and I will also rebuke the devourer for you.

MALACHI 3:8-11; PROVERBS 19:17

Friday, December 6, 2019


During this season, you will be receiving many cards from friends and family.  I want to challenge you this year to pray over each card you receive.  Whoever cared enough to send you a card would welcome your prayers.

Prayer is such a wonderful way to reach across miles to strengthen people as you lift them up to Me.  You are living in very troubling times, and more than ever My body on Earth needs to be strengthened.

As you write your Christmas letter and send your card to others, I also want you to ask Me if there is a verse of Scripture I want to share with that person.  My Holy Spirit will always be faithful to give you just the right Scripture for each individual.

PSALM 119:105

Thursday, December 5, 2019


I do not want you ever to feel alone.  When I said "I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world," I meant it.  My presence is always with you and My Holy Spirit is within you and without you.

Even though you cannot see My Holy Spirit, My Father, My angels, or Me, I want you to take a few minutes daily to just sit quietly and ask My Holy Spirit to help you realize that we are always with you wherever you are.

I know what it feels like to be alone.  When I died on the tree, I did not even feel the presence of My Father.  That is when I cried out , "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me"  I bore your loneliness when I bore the sins of the world.  Later I sent My Holy Spirit to help you daily.  If ever you feel lonely, meditate on these truths.

MATTHEW 28:20; MARK 15:34; JOHN 14:16

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


I  have heard this statement exclaimed by many on earth: "God is not fair!!"  This is a true statement.  As you read the old covenant, you will see how My Father dealt with individuals.  God is not fair.  He is just.

My Father has given Me the right to be the judge over nations and individuals at the end of time.  I will be a just judge because I came to Earth as God in the flesh.  I can identify with all that you go through.  I was tempted in all points just as you are tempted with one exception.  I was without sin.  I hungered. I thirsted.  I felt pain, and when I bore the sins of the world in My body, I experienced the weight that sin causes.  That weight literally, emotionally, and physically broke My heart.

Today, if you are tempted to judge someone, I want you to release all judgement to Me.  Only I have the power to know motives and to know what is in the hearts of people. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Moving residences is always difficult.  Whenever you have to vacate a  home, you suddenly recognize how much stuff you have.  To move ahead spiritually, there also is an accumulation of stuff that needs to be removed.

If you have not forgiven all those who have wronged and hurt you, you will not be able to get rid of the stuff (patterns of thinking in your mind or strongholds).  Pulling down strongholds begins with forgiveness.  If  you hold on to the bitter memories of broken relationships, you cannot move ahead spiritually.

Everyday, you have a choice to forgive or not to forgive.  You will have many sleepless nights if you choose not to forgive.  Forgiveness is the platform for all spiritual progress. Today could be a fresh start for you.  Give all resentment and anger to Me.

MATTHEW 18:23-35

Monday, December 2, 2019


I humbled Myself and denied My Kingly glory when I came to Earth as a babe.  My Father had great faith in mankind to take such a risk.  I am human as well as divine.  I know it is beyond your human understanding to comprehend the virgin birth.

My Father chose Mary to be My mother because she was so very humble.  When the angel told her that she would conceive a son by the Holy Spirit, she responded with these words, "Be it done unto Me according to Your Word.". 

Mary was willing to accept the truth that was spoken to her without hesitation or doubting.  She humbly and willingly submitted herself to be My Mother.  Humility is accepting and obeying the truths of My Word without questioning, doubting, or reasoning.

PHILIPPIANS 2:5-8; LUKE 1:31-38

Sunday, December 1, 2019


Many churches observe communion on the first Sunday of every month.  I prayed that all who believed in Me after I ascended to heaven would often have communion together. 

As My beloved gather for this special time to remember My sacrifice, I want them to recognize that the life that they now live in the flesh, they can now live by My faith within them.  I have already gifted every believer with My very faith.

Yes, My faith dwells within each believer and more of My faith within each believer is released as that believer joins together with other believers as one body to give thanks, praise, and worship Me and to hear My Word.  This is the importance of attaching yourself to a viable church or body of believers who know Me and love Me.  Forsake not the assembling of yourselves with fellow believers as the day draws nigh to My return.


Saturday, November 30, 2019


I am the captain of the heavenly hosts.  I could have called down legions of angels to rescue Me the day I hung on the tree, but I knew that I had to complete My mission on Earth.  My mission was to become the perfect sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Now you are a part of the hosts of believers all over the world.  One day you will see the hosts of angels and the hosts of saints as they worship continually in the presence of My Father and Me.

Until that time, you can join this heavenly hosts in their eternal worship as you daily set your affection on the things that are above instead of the things on the earth.


Wednesday, November 27, 2019


When you have grateful hearts for all the blessings I have given you, you place yourself in the position to receive more of My blessings.  The whole cycle of sin that My friend Paul described in his letter to Rome began with ungratefulness.

Those who hearts have been darkened may know God as creator, but they do not give honor to My Holy Father, and they are ungrateful for what He has created.  My Father released all those who were ungrateful to Him to their own lusts ( sexual impurity and the degrading power of sin).

This Thanksgiving, enter the gates of heaven with thanksgiving and into My courts with praise.  Make it your goal this next year not to complain or murmur, but to give thanks to Me continually.

ROMANS 1:21-24; PSALM 100:4

Monday, November 25, 2019


I have heard the expression, "Do not make a big production out of this!!"  People say this because they do not want something someone said or did to explode into a big problem.

My adversary wants to make a big production out of the negative words you may have heard spoken during a stressful or strife-filled moment.

My enemy loves to accentuate the negative experiences and words you have had and heard to such an extent that your mind becomes absorbed with those negative words and thoughts.. I want you to be on guard against this tactic, and refuse to worry over negative reports, words, and accusations. Worry is negative meditation. Keep your mind stayed upon Me and you will always have peace of mind.


Sunday, November 24, 2019


My friend Peter shared about the boundless mercy of My Father.  As you read those words this morning, you could not thank me enough for what My sacrifice has purchased for you.

My sacrifice purchased the right for you to receive all the grace and mercy of My Father. It was the boundless mercy of My Father that caused you to be born again, renewed spiritually and set apart for My service.

The boundless mercy of My Father chose you to experience the everlasting hope and confidence in My resurrection power.  Because of the mercy of My Father, you now contain that exact resurrection power in your earthen vessel. The next time you exclaim," Oh God, have mercy!!!", remember the true fact that My heavenly Father has enough mercy to get you through every trial in life.

1 PETER 1:

Saturday, November 23, 2019


You love to go on retreats when you have the opportunity to fellowship with other believers and enjoy praying with them for several days.  Those retreats should be called advances because usually those gatherings give a platform for you to advance spiritually.

There is usually a great deal of time between those retreats.  I want you to know that it is possible for you to advance spiritually daily when you take time to commune with Me through prayer and to read My Word. 

Every day you are invited to fellowship not only with Me, but also with My Father and My Holy Spirit.  Whenever you have your personal retreat in our presence, My Holy Spirit, Who is the best counselor and teacher, will help you to discover the hidden treasures in My Word.

JOHN 14:26

Thursday, November 21, 2019


It is the tendency of every human being to want to hide their sins from others.  Until those sins are confessed and brought into the light, there is not much hope for anyone who has secret sins to be delivered from whatever bondage they are experiencing.

James, My brother, exhorted believers to confess their sins one to another so that they might be healed.  If you hide iniquity in your heart, God will not even hear your prayers.

David was a man after God's own heart because he confessed his sins to God.  The one time he hid his sins of murder and adultery, God was merciful and sent Nathan, the prophet, to expose his sins.  After this happened, I believe David spent more time than ever in My Word.  He wrote: "Your Word have I hid in My heart that I might  not  sin against You."  The one thing you do need to hide is My Word in your heart.

JAMES 5:16; PSALM 32:5, 119:11, 66:18

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


There have been times when you have been at your wits' end.  David was at that place when he wrote Psalm 107.  He was hiding from King Saul who wanted to kill him.  David was in a cave when he wrote this psalm.

What do you do when you are at your wits' end? The answer is found in this psalm. You are to give the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare My works with rejoicing.

By offering the sacrifices of thanksgiving to Me and declaring My works with rejoicing, you will gain strength because My joy is your strength.  When you declare My works, your focus will be on Me.  I will then be able to keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed upon Me.

PSALM 107:22; ISAIAH 26:3

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


You are approaching the Thanksgiving holidays when families in your nation take time to gather with their families to thank Me for so many things.

This holiday started with the pilgrims who came to America for religious liberty.  They bowed their heads in thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest they were finally able to receive.

I want everyday of your life to be a thanksgiving day when you have the opportunity to acknowledge that by Me, through Me, and for Me everything was created that is created.  The psalmist David was very low many times in his life, but he always turned his thoughts heavenward.  He wrote how I had brought him out of prison to praise his name and how I had dealt bountifully with Him.  It is My delight to deal bountifully with you every day.


Monday, November 18, 2019


I honor the prayers of those who cry out to Me.  My servant David shared in many of the psalms he wrote how he cried out to Me, and I heard his cry.

My word says to make your supplications known to Me with thanksgiving.  One of the meanings of the word, "supplication," is loud crying.  When you cry out to Me, you can also thank Me because you can have confidence that I heard your cry and that I will answer.

I am not hard of hearing, but when you cry out from your heart to Me. you are expressing your faith in Me, and I am pleased.  Without faith it is impossible to please Me.  Extend your faith to Me today and cry out for those who are experiencing so many trials that they are too weak to cry out to Me.


Sunday, November 17, 2019


There are many forgotten people in the world.  So many of these people are homeless and cold during the winter.  Others are in nursing homes with no family members to visit them.  Many are in prison and have been estranged from their families.

I do not want you to forget these people.  Probably not many are praying for them.  I know you already have a long list of prayer requests, but I want you to remember these people in prayer.  There are not many who care enough about these forgotten people to pray for them.

I spent many hours in prayer with My Holy Father when I walked on Earth, and one of the major assignments I have in heaven is to intercede for others.  When you lift these forgotten people up to Me, I hear your prayers and I am able to dispatch angels to minister to them.


Saturday, November 16, 2019


Paul exhorted the church to do all things without murmuring and disputing. It is so easy to get into the flesh and begin to murmur when things do not go your way.  The children of Israel were in the wilderness for forty years because they constantly murmured.

Murmuring is complaining to someone else.  If you have a complaint, I want you to take your complaint to Me.  David, the psalmist, was a man after My heart because he poured out all of his complaints to Me.

I welcome your complaints.  If the children of Israel had come to My Father directly with their complaints instead of murmuring to one another and complaining to Moses, their stay in the wilderness would have been shortened.  If there is anything that you are not happy about, talk to Me about it and also pray about it.  I welcome every time you communicate with Me.


Thursday, November 14, 2019


The word, "flesh," is mentioned many times in My Word.  In most cases this word means the soul of man. You are a spirit. You have a soul (mind, will, emotion) and you live in a body.

I told My disciples to watch and pray while I went aside to pray the night I was betrayed.  I found them sleeping when I returned and I told them that "the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. I was saying that the human part (mind, will, and emotion) of their being was weak.

Your soul is weak in the areas called lusts.  Lusts developed when Adam and Eve sinned.  The lust of the flesh (seeking to satisfy your five senses in an addictive way), the lust of the eye (greedy longings and vain imaginations in your mind), and the lust of the pride of life (trusting in yourself more than you trust in Me) cause your flesh to be weak.  Call on Me to fight your battle when Satan tempts you in these weak areas.

MATTHEW 26:41; 1 JOHN 2:15-17

Monday, November 11, 2019


I want you to station yourself in the place of thanksgiving, praise, and worship all day long no matter where you might be during a day's time.  Do not limit your time of thanksgiving, praise, and worship to your quiet times with Me.

The place of thanksgiving, praise, and worship is like a safe pavilion that keeps you from the strife of tongues and stress.  You enter the gates of My presence with thanksgiving and my courts with praise.

I am always with you, but you will only recognize My presence with you when you focus on Me.  Your thanksgiving and praise will lead you into worship where you forget about yourself and concentrate on Me. People in your day have a phrase, "I need to go to my happy place."  The happiest place you can be is in My presence where I will infuse you with My joy that will give you strength for the whole day.

PSALM 100:4

Sunday, November 10, 2019


My Word is full of truths that will set you free from any bondage that you are experiencing today.  I told My disciples that if they continued in My Word, they would be set free.  This is what I want you to do.  When you continue in My Word, you truly will be My disciple.

My enemy wants to divert you from the truths of My Word.  Have you noticed how often you miss reading My Word in a day's time?  This can be avoided when you keep a Bible in your car, your office, and every room in your home. 

It only takes a few minutes to read a chapter out in My Word. Before you begin to read My Word,  pray first.  Ask My Holy Spirit to breathe His anointing upon the words you read.  My Spirit will then be able to not only reveal My truths to you, but He also will help you apply those truths.

JOHN 8:31-32

Thursday, November 7, 2019


As you age, it is human to begin to see how your strength seems to be declining.  You cannot do what you used to do either because of age, an injury, or a health issue.  When  you notice any decline physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, this is the moment to tap into My strength.

My strength is made perfect in your weakness.  You may ask Me how you can tap into My strength.  Here are a few verses that you can declare out loud and as you do this, strength will come:

"The joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10)."
"The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength....(Psalm 18:2)."
"It is God Who girds me with strength and makes my way perfect (Psalm 18:32)."
"The Lord is the strength of My life; of whom shall I be afraid (Psalm 27:1)."
"Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart (Psalm 27:14....)"

There are many more declarations that you can make out loud when you feel weak. Look them up and declare them.

ISAIAH 41:10-11

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Trust is the foundation that relationships are built upon.  If trust is not established between two people, there will always be the doubt that the promises that are made will not be kept and the acceptance of one another is not sincere.

Your relationship with Me is built upon trust.  You can have strong confidence that I will fulfill My promises to you.  In fact, all the promises that are revealed in My Word are "yes" and "amen" through Me. 

My enemy's strategy is to get you to doubt My Word.  He is successful when you are leaning on your own understanding.  I want you to trust Me with all of your heart, not your mind.  Faith and trust are a matter of the heart, not your mind.  Ask My Spirit today to open the eyes of your understanding so that you can receive and believe My Word. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2019


It seems that the days go by faster when you are aging.  Remember when you were a teenager, and you thought you would never reach that magical age of sixteen. 

I am not bound by time.  Yesterday is as one thousand years in My sight.  The day will come when there will be no night.  When you reach the New Jerusalem, My light will envelop you for all eternity.

I am the light of the world and on the day you were conceived, I was present.  I am the light Who lights every person who comes into the world.  Now I have chosen you to be My light that can shine even in the midst of dark times.  I commanded My light to shine out of darkness into your heart to give you the light of My glory in My face.  Release the warmth and light of My love to others today.


Sunday, November 3, 2019


In your younger days, you would get nervous whenever you had to present talks in front of people.  This happened because you were trusting in yourself to deliver a talk. 

After you committed your life to Me, you entered into My rest which occurs when you cease from your own works and instead trust Me to live My life through you. After that commitment of yourself (body, soul, and spirit), you trusted Me to help you do My Father's will each day of your life.

There are days when you forget that commitment, and you once again begin to worry and be anxious because you are trusting that you can overcome obstacles in your life on your own.  When this happens, renew your commitment to Me and allow Me to work through you both to give you the will to do My will and the way to accomplish it.

HEBREWS 4:9-10

Friday, November 1, 2019


You often put off things until later, especially if you do not want to do something.  The truth is, there may not be a later.  I want you to live in the moment because faith is now and it can only work in the moment.

Many believers say I will wait until later to go full time for the Lord.  That means they will make serving Me in My Kingdom on Earth full time when they have more time.  I have given everyone the same amount of time. The truth is that the time to serve Me is right now.  The time to witness to another is the moment you are speaking to them by phone, computer, or in person. 

The time is now.  Everyday I want you to place the moments of your day into My hands.  My timing is perfect, yours is not.  You can pray this prayer, Lord, I want to give you every minute of this day, and I want to fulfill your will for me moment by moment.  Put me in the right place at the right time and help me to remember that My moments are ordained by you for a purpose."


Thursday, October 31, 2019


On these dark mornings before the time changes, it is hard for you to arise out of bed.  You want to just stay cozy in your warm bed.and get up later when the sun comes out.

I want you to fight this temptation to stay in the bed most of the morning because you will not only miss a good part of the day, but you will also miss having that quiet time with Me when everyone in your household is still asleep.

It was My practice to get up before dawn so that I could have fellowship with My Father.  Those times of communion with My Father strengthened Me for the day and helped Me to focus My will on doing His will throughout the day.  Tomorrow, try getting out of the bed to spend a few moments of quiet with Me.  You will find that hearing My voice as you pray in the morning will help you hear My voice all the day long.

MARK 1:35

Monday, October 28, 2019


So many families you know seldom have dinner around a table.  Family devotions around the dinner table or breakfast table often are not enjoyed.  

There is something special about gathering around a table to fellowship with family and friends.  The day will come when you will enjoy fellowship around a table that I have prepared for you.  I will be the One Who will serve each individual at that table.

That table is called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.  The invitation to this supper is open to all those who will believe in Me and accept Me as their Lord and Savior.  Look forward to that time with Me.  In the meantime, be intentional to gather frequently with your family and friends around the table where you can fellowship as you eat a meal together. I will always be present at your table.


Thursday, October 24, 2019


I know how many times you have traveled to Jerusalem.  When you leave Jerusalem to return home, you feel like you are leaving your home.  Your heavenly home is the New Jerusalem, and one day I will be sitting on the throne in Jerusalem on Earth where I will rule the nations.

The good news is that all believers in Me who have never had the opportunity to travel to Jerusalem while they lived on Earth will one day be residences of both the New Jerusalem and the physical Jerusalem on Earth.

My Father will send Me to rule and reign on Earth at the appointed time.You will not have to pack to make your trip to the New Jerusalem because you will leave behind all earthly possessions. Make sure you are ready to make your final journey to the New Jerusalem.


Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Daily events are happening so fast that there seems to be no timely order.  You may try to find a time line that will give you some ideas about when I will return, but this will happen at the command of My Father.

My friend Paul thought I could return in his lifetime, but I did not.  He had an urgency to travel as many places as he could to share the gospel of My kingdom.  Now the technical capability of sharing the gospel throughout the world is at your finger tips.

Rest assured that My Father is a God of order, and things will not be out of order when I return.  People will still be getting marriage, going to work daily or school.  Then suddenly, like lightening, I will return.  I could return tomorrow, so keep your house in order and keep sharing My good news.

LUKE 17:24

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Sometimes you wish the pictures of unhappy memories would just vanish from your mind.  When those pictures are replayed in your mind, you often feel the pain and the same feelings you had in that moment of trauma.

I came to heal those who are broken in their hearts. Part of that healing involves healing those memories of the past that keep coming back to your mind. 

The next time that scene appears again in your mind, I want you to picture Me in that scene.  I was there because I have been with you always.  As you picture Me there with you, ask My Holy Spirit to help you see what I was doing in that scene.  Was I reaching out to you to comfort you?  I desire to heal that memory, so give that memory to Me and allow Me to replace it with a good memory. 


Monday, October 21, 2019


I do not ever want you to feel like a failure.  Whenever you feel this way, your concentration is on yourself, not on Me. 

Remember, your life is not your own.  You were bought with a price (My own blood) and you are My special treasure.  Because I live within you, you will never fail.  You will always triumph through Me.

The victory that will help you from focusing on your failures is My faith within you.  This is the victory that overcomes the world and even overcomes what you perceive as failures.  That victory is your faith in Me.  When you doubt for a moment that you have failed Me, tap into My faith that dwells within your heart.  I have enough faith to get you through every trial.

2 CORINTHIANS 2:14; 1 JOHN 5:4

Sunday, October 20, 2019


When you were in school, you always prayed that the teachers would not give many homework assignments.  I give you fresh homework assignments every day.

Your home in in heaven, and you are just passing through this Earth.  Heaven is your real home, so all of your homework assignments have to do with manifesting My kingdom through your life as you live on Earth.

You often pray the prayer I taught My disciples: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven." Your  daily assignments are to display My glory, My love with all of its fruits of the Spirit, and to impact and inspire those you encounter with My Word.  These are your homework assignments.  By the way, I give you even more homework assignments as you age because the day draws closer to the time when you will no longer be on Earth to be My ambassador. 

LUKE 11:2

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Every day can be a new adventure with Me.  I know how excited you are when you anticipate a trip to see new scenes that you have never encountered.  You can receive this same excitement when you look forward to the scenes that you will see with your spiritual eyes as you read My Word.

Today as you read My Word, ask My Holy Spirit to paint the scene for you.  Your spiritual eyes then can behold the beauty of the Sea of Galilee, and your spiritual ears can hear the rush of the falls at the head waters of the Jordan River.  You do not have to visit Israel to enjoy all the scenes I encountered when I walked on Earth.

I want you to enjoy My walks by the Sea.  During those walks by the Sea, I encountered all the people My Holy Father planned for Me to minister to and to meet.  As you walk today in the grocery store and shops, anticipate the divine appointments that I want you to have.  Be ready for that adventure by preparing yourself in the morning to be a light shining in a dark world.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019


I have already completed all the chapters in your "Book of Life."  I did that even before you were born. I chose you from the foundation of the Earth, and you still have work to do in My kingdom.
This message is for all those who are entering what they believe is their last chapters of life.

No matter what your age, I have work for you to do in My kingdom.  This is why I want you to daily listen to My Holy Spirit as He leads and guides you to do the next thing.  This is how you walk in the Spirit.

Fruit always comes as you obey My Word and pray and listen for my voice throughout the day.  I promised that your latter days would be more fruitful than ever.  Hold to that promise. Paul prayed that believers might walk worthy of Me and in all things please Me, and that they might be fruitful in every good work, and increase in the knowledge of God. This is also My prayer for you.

JOHN 17:24; COLOSSIANS 1:10 

Friday, October 11, 2019


My Word promises everyone 70 years of life and 80 more if by reason of strength.  You are approaching the last chapters in your "Book of Life."  You realize that every day is a gift.

I want you also to recognize that every person in your life is also gift.  The value I place upon each person in this world is tremendous.  I  died and was raised again to give each one the opportunity to be forgiven of all their sins.  I was present at every conception, and I watch people grow both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I have ordained the people in your life to be friends, family, and extended family.  You are in My family, and I hear you giving Me thanks everyday for the treasures I have brought into your life.
Take every day as a day to pray for those in your life, and seek Me as I lead you to pray for each one individually.

PSALM 90:10

Thursday, October 10, 2019


It is difficult for you to adjust to the routines of life after being on vacation or away from your home for a season.  When I walked on Earth, the only routine I had that made a difference in My entire day was the time I spent in prayer with My Father.

During those times, I received wisdom and direction for the day.  Our communion together was always enlightening.  In the morning,  I also received His joy to strengthen me during the day.

When you leave the routine of daily prayer and reading My Word in the morning, you will notice how it seems that nothing of eternal significance is accomplished in that day.  Resolve today not to miss those times with Me in the morning so that at the end of the day, you can see My anointing upon you throughout the day.

MARK 1:35

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Today is the Day of Atonement.  It is a day dedicated to fasting, praying, and contemplating those sins committed in this last year.  If we could count the sins committed, it might take all day.  However, you know that all of your sins are forgiven (past, present, and future).

It is good to keep short accounts with Me.  I have promised that if you confess your sins, I am faithful and just to forgive you of your sins and to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

Confession is not for My benefit.  It is for your benefit.  When you come to Me with a truthful heart and a heart that desires to obey My Word, you then can receive the cleansing that I have already provided through My shed blood.  Nothing can hinder your relationship with Me. However, when you do not come to Me and confess your sins, often you run from having fellowship with Me.  Today, be honest about your sins with Me, and we can have sweet fellowship together.

1 JOHN 1:7-9

Thursday, October 3, 2019


There is no way that you can undo your past.  The damage done by your past words and behavior is done.  However, I do not want you to condemn yourself for the past.  I do not condemn you. I do want you to confess the sins of your past and to call upon Me to help you change.

I have already forgiven you of all of your sins (past, present, and future).  When you confess your sins to Me, you place yourself in the position for not only My cleansing, but also for change in your life.  Repentance is turning away from sin and turning towards Me.

The good news is that even through you cannot undo your past, you can redo the present. I gave Peter a redo when I asked him if he loved Me.  I asked him three times because he denied Me and lied three times.  Everyday I offer you a redo.  This is why change will happen in your life as you spend time with Me and allow Me to help you complete the walk of repentance.

LUKE 22:58-60; JOHN 21:16-17

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Why do people lie when they know that eventually their lies will be brought to light.  There are many reasons people lie.  My friend Peter lied three times because he was afraid he would be arrested. 

Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac all lied because a generational spirit of lying had been passed down from one generation to another.  When I died to save the world from sin, I made it possible for the power of generational sins to be broken

Other people lie about their sins because they are ashamed of them. Shame and fear are usually involved when people cover their sins.  The psalmist, David, was careful to bring his sins to light.  He wrote that he did not hide his sin, but instead he confessed his transgressions (sins against others) to them and to the Lord.

PSALM 32:5


You live in an age when it is difficult to know the actual truth in a situation.  Even current news is slanted to appease certain people.  What causes a person to lie?  There are many reasons.  As you know My friend Peter lied three times because he was afraid he would be arrested just as I had been.

Three of the patriarchs in My Word lied.  Look at the lives of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac.  This was a generational lying spirit that was passed on and never broken.  Because of My sacrifice for sin, a lying spirit does not have to repeat itself in the next generation.  It can be broken.

Other people lie because they want to cover up their sin.  As long as sin is not confessed or brought to the light, a person cannot be delivered from a pattern of lying.  David acknowledged his sin.  He did not hide it and he confessed his transgressions (sinning against others) to those he sinned against. Solomon wrote. He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but whoso confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy.

PSALM 32:5

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Whenever a loved faces death, our hope is that we will have no regrets.  We ask ourselves these questions: "Did we do all that was needed to be done to help that loved one who was ill."  Did we go to bed with anger in our hearts towards that loved one and did we manifest that anger to our loved one the next day.  Did we esteem that loved one higher than ourselves, or were we so selfish that we did not even see the needs in the loved one's life?"

These questions can haunt a person, and I do not want that to happen to you.  When I walked on Earth I lived in the present.  Faith can only be manifested in the moment.  Do not allow yourself to wallow in the past.

Condemning yourself will lead to depression and builds a platform for My enemy, Satan, to attack you.  What can you do about the past?  You can ask forgiveness for the times you have failed, but most important, you can ask Me to help you to change.


Sunday, September 29, 2019


The fruit of fear is torment.  The platform that opens the door to fear develops when we have not been honest with ourselves or others.  We are afraid that others will find out who we really are.

Another platform the devil uses to create fear and torment in our lives is unforgiveness.  If we cannot forgive ourselves and remain in self-condemnation, we will be vulnerable to Satan.  He is a liar, and he loves to send condemning thoughts to you.

The way out of fear is to forgive all those who have wronged and hurt you and also to forgive yourself.  When you recognize that your life is not your own, but you were purchased by a loving God Who cared enough to send Me as the perfect sacrifice to give you the opportunity to receive My righteousness, you will have a foundation for faith instead of fear.  Trusting in your own righteousness will never work.  Whenever you are afraid, say out loud, "Thank You Lord Jesus for being My righteousness.  What times I am fearful, I will trust you with all of My heart and not be afraid."

MATTHEW 18:21-35

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Many people complain often about the weather conditions they are experiencing, but even more people just find a multitude of reasons to complain. 

My friend Paul wrote this exhortation to the saints in Philippi: "Do all things without murmurings and disputings (Philippians 2:14).  The children of Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness because they continually complained. 

Paul learned to be content no matter what circumstance he was experiencing.  He never complained. This is how he was able to maintain his joy and retain My joy.  Today, make it  your goal not to complain, and I will be able to strengthen you to face future circumstances with joy.

PHILIPPIANS 2:14, 4:11

Friday, September 27, 2019


There are always instructions on how to use whatever you purchase.  It is wise to follow those instructions.  However, you often fail in your first attempt to follow the instructions.  When this happens, pray and ask for My help instead of becoming frustrated.

My Word is your instruction manual for life. It is so easy to surface read those instructions.  When you do this, you are unable to apply the wisdom given in My Word to your every day life.  You need understanding.

Understanding is the bridge between knowledge and wisdom.  Without understanding, you cannot apply the principles given in My Word to your life.  It is My Holy Spirit (the Spirit of Truth) Who can give you the understanding you need.  Call upon Him today as you read My Word, and He will lead and guide you in My truths.

ISAIAH 11:2; JOHN 16:13

Thursday, September 26, 2019


People want closure after someone dear to them has died.  Sin always brings death to your soul. James wrote that I tempt no man, but that men are led astray by their own lusts and then tempted. He added that when "lust is conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, brings forth death."

The only way to stop this cycle is to confess your sins and repent (turn away from sin). Unconfessed sins and unforgiveness give My enemy the platform to accuse, condemn, and destroy.

Closure to the death that sin brings in your life can only be brought about when you disclose your sins first to Me and then to others (especially those you have wronged and hurt by your sin).  Darkness can not dwell in your life when you have brought your sins to light.  My light will then be able to shine through you.

JAMES 1: 12-17; 1 JOHN 1:5-10

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


I want you to review the previous days of your life. You will soon discover that My hand has been upon you even through your many trials. Keeping a  journal of how I have answered your prayers is of great value because then you can express your gratefulness to Me for those answers.

My servant David, the psalmist, often reviewed his past.  His life was filled with flight, fight, and fright.  However, as he reviewed his life,  he saw how I brought him through to victory in both his physical and spiritual battles.

Today, take time to review your past.  When you do this, you will be in awe of the faithfulness, grace, peace, joy and love that I extended to you during your many trials and tests. You will also be blessed as you remember the precious moments in your life.

PSALM 61, 62:5-8

Monday, September 23, 2019


When people are asked, "How are you doing?"  The response often is, "I am doing all right under the circumstances."  There will always be circumstances in your life that are hard to accept and hard to go through.

When difficult times come in your life, I do not want you to be under the circumstances.  I want you to accept the circumstances and embrace them with the full confidence that I am in control. You are not.

Hard circumstances in your life gives Me the opportunity to reveal to you My extravagant love. You can embrace those hard times with thanksgiving and praise because My love will embrace you and carry you through every trial.

1 PETER 1:3-7

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Sometimes when you go to buy something at a store, I hear you exclaim, "I always pick the wrong line."  I am at the very last of this line!!"

There is one line that you can, rest assured, is the right line.  That line is the line of those who will stand before Me on judgment day and who will hear Me say, "Well, done My good and faithful servant.  You have been faithful over a few things, I will make  you ruler over many things: enter you into the joy of your Lord (Matthew 25:21)."

This line is different than most worldly lines because the last in this line will be first.  Those who are willing to humble themselves by serving others instead of pushing upward to climb the ladder of success will be first in line.  Thank Me today because as you serve others with a pure heart, I will elevate you to a higher position in My Kingdom.


Friday, September 20, 2019


Often it is difficult to determine whether or not someone is a true believer or a counterfeit.  The only way to discern the difference is by the fruits that person displays.  However, My enemy tries to counterfeit even the fruits of My Spirit.

My enemy offers a superficial peace based on feelings only.  My peace surpasses all the peace the world offers.   It passes human understanding. My joy also is far superior to any happiness or temporary joy that My enemy can offer.

Pray for those who have settled for counterfeited peace, joy, and love.  Also make sure that you do not get seduced by My enemy who will try to satisfy your senses with worldly pleasures and peace.


Thursday, September 19, 2019


Hot summer days sometimes will cause you to be weary.  You have been looking forward to Fall when there will be a break in the heat.

It is during those weary times that I want you to call upon My strength.  It is My joy that will give you strength.  Today your strength was restored by simply singing a song out loud about My loving kindness.

My promise is always that I can strengthen you.  I never grow weary.  I am the Creator of the ends of the earth and I faint not.  Come to Me when you are weary, and I promise always to give  you rest.

ISAIAH 40:28; NEHEMIAH 8:10; MATTHEW 11:28

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


You live in an age when there are many kinds of food and multiple ingredients in the dishes that are served.  Sometimes food can become a real distraction that keeps you from experiencing the most important ingredient in life.

I am the bread of life. I am the vine that supplies nourishment for you to bear fruit. I am the living water. I told My disciples that except they eat My flesh and drink My blood, they have no life in them. This shocked My followers and many left Me.

What I was telling My followers was that I am the most important ingredient in their lives.  In fact, I am their life and without Me they can do nothing.  Today, I ask you these questions: Are you digesting My Word daily?  Are you drinking from the wells of salvation within you daily?  My Spirit can supply you living water that will quench your thirst forever and for all eternity. Spend time today partaking of My eternal menu.

JOHN 6:51 53-66

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


There are many songs in your age that emphasize My friendship with you.  There was a time in My walk on Earth when I called My disciples My friends.  You are My friend if you do whatsoever I command you.

I want you to daily live in the fear of  Me.  This means that you are aware of the greatness of My power and that you are willing to humble yourself before Me with an obedient heart that is willing to do My will.

I want you to reverence Me today because you know Who I am.  Without Me you can do nothing.  Today worship Me as not only your Lord and Savior, but also as your Mighty Creator.

JOHN 15:14-15, 5

Monday, September 16, 2019


When I walked on Earth, I did not have to keep precious documents.  Most all transactions were done by word of mouth.  However, there was one precious document that I read daily.  That document was the Torah.

As you study My teachings in the gospels, you will discover how many times I quoted from the Torah.  I taught in the synagogues throughout the Galilee and in the Temple in Jerusalem.  I even gave My autobiography as I quoted from the scroll of Isaiah in the synagogue in Nazareth.

I trust that your most precious document is the Bible. So many, however, put the Bible on a table and never read it.  They do not realize that My Word is the manual that relays the wisdom they need to live a fruitful life.  Read this precious document today and everyday.

LUKE 19:47, 21:38, JOHN 8:2; LUKE 4:16-21

Sunday, September 15, 2019


There is a storehouse house in heaven.  I am the door to that storehouse.  I know how you rejoice when all your bills are paid and when deposits are made into your earthly account from sources that you did not expect.

You can rejoice every day because I keep good records.  When you give to the poor, I debit your account in heaven.  When you intercede for others, I debit your account.  When you share My good news with others, I debit your account.

There are so many ways that you can store up treasures in your heavenly bank account.  My Word says that when you bring all your tithes into this heavenly storehouse, I will open the windows of heaven and send you an abundance of blessings.   Expect blessings today.


Saturday, September 14, 2019


I know that there are times in your life that overwhelm you.  You can be overwhelmed when you are  trying to fulfill the obligations on your calendar at work, school, or the routine tasks you face daily.  Also, you can be overwhelmed when adversity comes your way.

My friend David, the Psalmist, knew where to go when he was overwhelmed.  As you know he was overwhelmed by the battle with Saul and all the battles he had to fight.  He was overwhelmed with even his friends who turned against him.

He prayed this prayer when overwhelming circumstances came his way:  "When my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."  I am that rock.  I am you strong tower and your shelter.  Praise Me today for being your Rock in overwhelming times.

PSALM 61:2-3

Friday, September 13, 2019


A building will not withstand earthquakes or horrific storms if its foundation is not strong and deep.  You are My building.  I am the Master Builder Who seeks to construct your spiritual life to withstand every adversity that may come your way.

I am also the strong, deep foundation that you can build your day upon.  Instead of structuring your day according to your own plans, structure  your day according to My plans.

I want you to recognize that I am the Master builder of your day.  I have definite plans for you each day.  Come to Me in the morning and submit your day to Me.  When you do this, you will be strengthened in your faith and thereby be able to strengthen others.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Where My Spirit is there is liberty.  Of course, My Spirit is omnipotent.  My Spirit is always present.  However, the liberating power of My Spirit is only ignited when people are open to receive the presence and power of My Spirit.

My Spirit is a gentleman, and He will never force His way into a church service or into a person's life unless He is welcomd.  I want you to be aware daily that the same Spirit that raised Me from the dead dwells in you.

I have chosen you to be the temple that houses My Spirit.  Do not take for granted the great power I gave you when you were born again. You can liberate the manifestation of My Spirit in your life when you pray, praise, and worship Me.  Today use that resurrection power I have given you to liberate others.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I want to draw your attention to Me daily, but often you are so busy with the routines of your daily commitments that you forget that I am ever present with you.  I have promised in My Word that if you draw near to Me, I will draw near to you.

Today and every day I want you to be intentional to draw near to Me even when you are at work or at school.  This can be done by staying filled with My Spirit all the day long.

You stay filled with My Spirit by speaking to  yourself in psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to Me and remaining in thanksgiving to Me throughout the day. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you stay filled with His Spirit when you begin each day.


Monday, September 9, 2019


Paul exhorted the church in Corinth to do spiritual warfare by pulling down the strongholds in their minds.  The mind is truly the battlefield that My adversary loves to make his playground.

I have given you mighty weapons to pull down the strongholds in your mind.  Paul advised My followers to take every thought captive.  Whenever you have a negative word,a vain imagination, or a worldly thought, take those thoughts captive and give them to Me.  I will then be able to do battle for you.

The greatest weapon that I have given you to pull down every stronghold is My love.  When you are captivated by My love, your focus will be on Me and not the world.  Today, be intentional to focus your thoughts on how much I love you, and you will not open your mind to fleshly thinking.


Sunday, September 8, 2019


"BEHOLD I WILL DO A NEW THING; now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it?  I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43:19)."  Do you feel like you are in a wilderness right now?

I am able to create a new thing out of the chaos in your life.  As you seek Me first in your life, I will do a new thing.  What seems so painful to you right now is bringing healing.  Pain usually brings forth healing for deep hurts in your life.

I am the "GREAT I AM" Who can be what you need in your life right now.  Look to Me. BEHOLD Me, and you will discover how I am holding your hand throughout the chaos in your life.

ISAIAH 43:19; EXODUS 3:14

Saturday, September 7, 2019


My friend Paul used this adjective to describe the joy he experienced when he went through tribulation.  He said: "I  am filled with comfort, I am exceeding joyful in all our tribulation".

How can anyone be exceeding joyful in the midst of tribulation?   Paul gives the answer in his letter to the Corinthians. He shared that the light affliction he  and his companions experienced that lasted but a moment worked for them a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

I want you to know that it is possible for you to retain My joy and maintain your joy in the midst of the tribulations you experience in this life.  When you have the big picture (the eternal view), you also will be strengthened by My joy within you and your joy will remain full.

2 CORINTHIANS 7:4, 4:17

Friday, September 6, 2019


When a runner is training for a cross country race or a marathon, the runner sets goals that he or she wants to reach before the big day of the race.

My friend Paul had only one goal in mind when he ran his race of life.  That goal was to win the prize of the high calling that I had given him.

That high calling was to share the gospel with both the Jewish people and the Gentiles.  This is also your calling and every believer's calling.  Some believers excuse themselves by saying, "I am not called to be an evangelist.  That is not my gifting."  The truth is that all believers are evangelists.  They are gospel letters that others read.  What are those around you reading about your life today?


Thursday, September 5, 2019


Spiritual progress is measured differently than earthly progress.  Progress in your job is measured by how high you can go in obtaining top positions in your company.  Worldly progress always depends upon your own self-effort in disciplining yourself  as you seek to gain promotions or study for higher grades in school.

Spiritual progress does not depend upon self-effort.  Spiritual progress is determined by how dependent you have become upon Me for you daily emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs.
The discipline needed for spiritual progress is surrender.

Today surrender your day, your way, your works, your will, your emotions, yourself and your family to Me.  Then trust Me to work in all those aspects of your life.

PSALM 18:2,30, 28:7

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


The largest percentage of your body is made of water.  This is why it is so important to drink plenty of water so that you do not become dehydrated.

There is a spiritual dehydration that I want to talk to you about today.  Did you know that you have wells of salvation and rivers of living water within your spirit? I am that living water. I am salvation.

When you fail to drink from the river of life  and the wells of salvation within your spirit, you will become spiritually dehydrated.  I want you today to joyfully drink from these sources of spiritual water.  When you spend time in My presence in prayer and read and heed My Word, your spiritual thirst will be quenched.

ISAIAH 12:3; JOHN 4:14

Monday, September 2, 2019


"Charge it" is the expression used by millions in today's economy. This spoken expression has gotten millions in debt.  We had no such expression when I walked on Earth.  There were no charge cards then.

We did have a system, however, of paying monies forward.  My friend Paul did not depend on a salary.  He trusted Me to supply his needs, and he also had the vocation of tent making.  Paul was chargeable to no man, and this gave him complete liberty to speak My truths boldly.

So many of the preachers in your day are dependent upon salaries.  Often, this causes them to please people rather than Me. Pray for the pastors today who have fallen in the trap of pleasing people.  The fear of man can become a serious stronghold that prevents them from doing My will.


Saturday, August 31, 2019


As you grow older, long term memory usually stays the same, but short term memory begins to fade.  There are ways to fight this.  Let Me share.

My Word is able to renew your mind.  I know there are all kinds of prescriptions out there to enhance memory, but the best prescription to increase your short term memory power is to abide in My Word.
Just a few minutes in My Word daily and reaching the weekly goal of memorizing at least 5 verses a week out of My Word will help.

What are you waiting for?  Today is a good day to form this habit before your short term memory fades more.  Remember, I sent My helper, (the Holy Spirit), to help you.  Submit to My Spirit daily and this will help. He will bring all things to your remembrance.

ROMANS 12:2; JOHN 14:26

Friday, August 30, 2019


Before you purchase anything, you always count the cost.  The redemption price I paid to redeem mankind from sin was worth the cost to Me.  It was for the joy that was set before Me that I was able to endure bearing the sins of the world.

You are worth the price I paid.  You are more than worth My sacrificial death because the love we share together daily is priceless.

Meditate on how much I love you, and count every day as worth spending time with Me to receive My love throughout your day.

HEBREWS 12:2; 1 PETER 1:18-19

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Sometimes you get to a point in your life when you do not know which way to turn.  When this happens, I want you always to make the right turn.  The right turn is to come to Me for direction.
I sent My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. I am all truth.

It is the plan of My enemy to keep you in confusion. Do not allow My enemy to confuse your mind.  Turn to Me in prayer and listen to My Spirit as He guides you to do the next thing.

My Spirit knows what lies ahead of you.  Keep moving forward as He guides you, and do not look back.  I have put your past under My blood and dropped your sins into the ocean of My forgetfulness and forgiveness. Sometime painful memories, however, need to be healed.  Trust My Holy Spirit to provide that opportunity to heal past hurts.

JOHN 16:13

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


I have heard the expression: "We need to get to the heart of the matter."  It truly is the hearts of people that matter to Me.  I said that  those things that proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies (Matthew 15:18-19)."

After I told Peter that he would deny Me three times, I said, "Let not  your heart be troubled: you believe in God,  believe also in Me (John 14:1),"  It is up to you to not allow your heart to be troubled.

I want to touch your heart every day with My love, but if you have not guarded your heart with all diligence, it will be impossible for Me to touch and heal your heart. Open your heart up to Me today,
and believe and trust Me to heal the hurts in your heart.

MATTHEW 15:18-19; JOHN 14:1;PROVERBS 4:23; ISAIAH 61:1

Monday, August 26, 2019


I have heard the following expression by many of My beloved: "Be patient with Me.  I am still under construction."  This is a true statement because daily My helper (the Holy Spirit) is conforming you to be more like Me.

Before you were even born, I predestined you to be conformed to My image.  The day will come when you see Me face to face that you will be like Me.

Until that glorious day occurs, I want you to be patient with yourself.  Every day I am downloading into you a page from your "Book of Life."  You will be able to accomplish the works I have designed and destined you to do when you pray this prayer with a willing heart: "Jesus, today help me to be on the same page in my "Book of Life."


Sunday, August 25, 2019


When  you look into a mirror, you will see your reflection.  Some people love what they see and others even hate what they see.  I want My beloved ones to love what they see.

Often you begin to look like the person with whom you spend the most time and also you even begin to speak like that person.  As you spend intimate times with Me, you will begin to reflect My countenance (My face) to others and you will speak words that edify others.

What is My countenance?  My countenance is filled with peace, joy, and love.  As you allow Me to minister to you My love and you open yourself to receive My love, you will begin to reflect My peace, love, and joy to others.  I want you to love what you see when you look into a mirror because you are My glory and My praise. This is what I see when I look at you.

ACTS 2:28; PSALM 42:11, 43:5, 89:15

Saturday, August 24, 2019


When you experience an accident or any kind of incident that could lead to death or injury, you are so relieved when help comes to rescue you.  I came to rescue the world from the bondage of sin.

The bondage of sin always leads to death.  Yet, so many have never heard the good news that I can free them from this bondage.  There are still many unreached peoples in the world.  Pray for those laborers who have been sent to reach these people.

Also I have called you to bring My good news to many.  Ask Me daily to give you divine appointments with people. You are My ambassador wherever you to through out your day.  Be alert to My Spirit as He leads you to people who have prepared their hearts to receive My good news.


Thursday, August 22, 2019


You rejoice when a debt you have owed is canceled.  You have the opportunity daily to cancel debts.  I do not mean monetary debts.

When I died on the tree, I said, "It is finished."  I was saying that your debt had been paid.  I canceled the debt of sin that you owed Me, and I offered the world the opportunity to be forgiven.  I became the perfect sacrifice that satisfied My Father as a payment for the sins of the world.

Now, because you believe in Me and receive My forgiveness, you can pay this forward by forgiving those people who have sinned against you.  Then pray a blessing over these people. You then will rejoice.

JOHN 19:30; LUKE 11:4;

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


You are a royal priest.  I know this is hard for you to believe, but that is what My Word says about you.  After My resurrection, I appeared to My disciples and breathed into them My Holy Spirit.  I said, "Receive the Holy Spirit." This is when they were born of My Spirit.

After I breathed My Spirit into My disciples, I said, "Whosoever sins you remit, they are remitted unto them, and whosoever sins you retain, they are retained."  Only I can forgive sins, but as My priest you can forgive others with My forgiveness.

I have given you that priestly role. Whenever you retain another person's sins instead of forgiving them, you will be bound. Confess their sins, forgive, and release their sins to Me and you will be free.

1 PETER 2:9; JOHN 20:23

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


I often hear this phrase, "It is just fate that we met."  When you are in My kingdom on Earth, and you are seeking to do My will daily, nothing in your life is just fate.

I have plans for you and they are all good.  They are designed to give you a purpose in life and a beautiful destiny.  During your life on Earth, I am daily performing My will through you.  I am daily helping you complete the works I have prepared for you to accomplish.

I want you to look at each day as My day to show forth My glory thru you.  Every day I have chosen you to share My love and good news with others.  Remember fate had nothing to do with the people you meet during the day.  I am the one who gives you many divine appointments with others.


Monday, August 19, 2019


When people compromise, they are willing to meet someone half way. Hidden in this word, "compromise" is the word, "promise."  There are many promises in My Word, but in order to have those promises fulfilled in your life, you cannot compromise.

Some of the promises in My Word are unconditional, but many of them require that you do your part.  For example, I promise to draw near to you if you will draw near to Me. This is one promise that I do not want you to compromise.

My commandment is that you love Me with all of your heart and that you love others as I have loved you.  My love is unconditional. In order to love others with My love, you need to daily ask My Holy Spirit to fill you with My love.

JOHN 15:10; ROMANS 5:5

Saturday, August 17, 2019


It is not easy to admit that you were wrong.  Sometimes you even have to admit that you have hurt others by your behavior.  However, My Word says to confess your sins to one another so that you may be healed.

Healing of past hurts in your own life and the lives of others that you have wounded is not easy.
What do you need to do when you know you have hurt others and even condemned yourself for doing so?

Confess you wrongdoing.  Ask those you have hurt to forgive you. Then release them to Me and pray for them.  Only I can heal their hurts. You will dig a well of discouragement in your soul if you keep replaying what you have done wrong in your mind. This is what My enemy wants you to do. Pray for them daily, and do not allow My enemy to condemn you.

JAMES 5:16

Friday, August 16, 2019


It is the nature of human beings to take exception to direct commands because they do not want to follow direct orders.  Often they seek a way to disobey.

This has been the case since the fall of mankind.  Adam and Eve were given a direct order not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Immediately My enemy gave them the idea that My Father was withholding something good from them.

I gave a direct order when I said to love one another as I have loved you.  You need the help of My Holy Spirit to do this.  If you do not make exception to this commandment and ask My Holy Spirit to help you to love others as I love you, My peace, joy, and grace will abound in your life.

JOHN 13:34

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I determined the works that you are to accomplish in life before you were born.  I want you to be determined to accomplish those works before you come to be with Me.

Daily, I want you to commit your works to Me so that My Spirit can establish your thoughts.  Then inquire of Me before you make decisions about what to accomplish in a day's time.  Your schedule may change completely, but be open to the change.

You are in the last days, and I have prepared the hearts of many to receive My good news.  Many of those who trust Me also need a word of encouragement.  I want to use you as My messenger.  Let My Spirit lead you today.


Tuesday, August 13, 2019


My disciples were not faithful to Me or My Father as the days drew near to My crucifixion and even after My crucifixion.  Often fear will rob us of our faith.  Such was the case with My disciples.

After My last Passover, I was betrayed by one of the twelve and the rest of My disciples fled and hid. Peter denied Me three times because he feared for his life.  Fear is usually the first weapon My enemy forms against his victims.

After Pentecost, however, My disciples became fearless and faithful.  They were immersed in My Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Me from the dead raised them up to boldly and fearlessly declare My truths to the world. That same resurrection power is within you.  Meditate on that truth. today.

MARK 14:66-72; EPHESIANS 2:4-7

Monday, August 12, 2019


There are some weeks when your calendar is filled with appointments.  You may think you will have no time to spend quality time with Me.

I want to challenge you to take time no matter how busy your week is.  Take just a few minutes in the morning to review with Me the various appointments you must make that week.   Then commit each day of that week to Me.

When you commit your works to Me, My Holy Spirit will establish your thoughts and you will not have to be stressed over your full calendar.  You will receive a great reward when you spend just those few minutes with Me.  You will receive My joy because in My presence is fullness of joy and My joy will strengthen you each day.

PROVERBS 16:3; PSALM 16:11;

Monday, August 5, 2019


Sometimes when you receive a criticism, you often respond, "Well nobody is perfect!!" Your response is true.  Nobody is perfect except Me.

I provided the perfect sacrifice that ushered the way for the whole world to be saved from sin.  However, few have received Me as their Lord and Savior.

Because I am the perfect One, I am able to perfect everything that concerns you. Talk to Me today about your concerns, and then release them all to Me.  Your only concern then is that you continue to stay close to Me.

1 CORINTHIANS 13:10; PSALM 138:8

Sunday, August 4, 2019


With all the distractions you encounter, it is difficult for you to focus.  One of the main strategies of My enemy is to keep you from spending intimate time with Me.

You have to be intentional in order to carve out a quiet time that provides one on one communication with Me.

Most of the problems even the patriarchs encountered deveoloped because they failed to enquire of Me, and they also failed to wait to hear My voice before they made decisions.  When you ask, seek, and knock, I will open the door to your heart so that you can hear Me speak to your Spirit.


Thursday, August 1, 2019


Remember when you were a teenager and how slowly the days and years went by. Now that you are aging, time seems to speed up.  The days and months go by and suddenly you are celebrating a new year.

How you feel about time is important to Me..  Paul felt like I would return very soon, and so did My disciples.  Believing that time was short gave Paul and My disciples an urgency to spread the gospel throughout the world.

No one knows when their appointment with death is, but I do want you to live out your days according to what is written in your Book of Life in heaven.  Until that appointed time, I exhort you to live each day as if it were your last on Earth.  When you do this, your days will be fruitful.


Wednesday, July 31, 2019


I do not want you to become weary in well doing.  One of the strategies of My enemy is to wear you  out so that you will lose your effectiveness in sharing My good news with others.

Whenever you reach the point of weariness, I want you to increase your quality time spent with Me.  I want you to wait silently in My presence, and be expectant to hear My voice.  I have words of encouragement to give you.

My promise is that if you wait upon Me, you will become like an eagle. An eagle waits for the wind and then glides on top of the wind. When you wait upon Me, you will run and not become weary because the wind of My Holy Spirit will infuse you with My joy and My joy will give you strength.


Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Remember when you were in school, and your teacher gave you homework assignments.  How well you did on your final grade often depended upon your faithfulness to complete your homework assignments.

You now are in the school of life.  My Holy Spirit is your teacher and guide throughout your life.  He has kingdom assignments for you to do daily.  My desire is that you complete those assignments.

I will not count it against you if you fail to complete your kingdom assignments, but you will miss the joy that comes when you see others blessed when you fulfill your assignments. Today, ask the Holy Spirit to help you to complete your assignments.  I have sent My Spirit to be your helper.

JOHN 16:13

Monday, July 29, 2019


You live in an age when many people are anxious.  They are anxious about their finances, the weather, their families, their nation, and many other things.

My disciples had many opportunities to be anxious. Think about how anxious My disciples were just after I died on the tree.  They had no idea what their future would hold without Me.

I gave them three exhortations that would insure them that My joy would remain in them, and that their joy would be full. The exhortations I gave them at My last Passover with them were: Abide in Me; Abide in My Word; Abide in My love.  When you do these three things, you also will have no reason to be anxious.


Sunday, July 28, 2019


There was great rejoicing in heaven when you were born, and the angels also rejoiced when you were born again.  You had a fresh start on both birthdays.

When you enter the next your of  your life after your birthday, I want you to remember that your life is hid with Me in My Father's heart.

You have an opportunity in the year following your birthday to enjoy being a co-laborer with Me as we work together in My kingdom on earth.  Also remember that I am working within you both to will and to do of My good pleasure.


Saturday, July 27, 2019


Not many people like to hear or watch old news.  Everyday new reports are conveyed to millions.
There are reports, however, that never grow old.

When you read your Bible, you are reading reports and stories that happened centuries ago, but those stories of old all have modern day applications.  When you look at the character traits of My disciples, I am sure you can recognize some of those character traits in yourself.

When you read your Bible daily, I want you to envision yourself in the scenes.  I want  you the read the Psalms and Proverbs out loud to yourself and then ask My Spirit to show you how you can apply those principles to your own life.  My Word is living and powerful.  It is sharper than any two edged sword, and it can give you discernment about what thoughts come from Me, your flesh, or the devil.


Friday, July 26, 2019


Many ask the question, "Why did I allow something tragic to happen in their lives?"  I said, "In the world you will have tribulations, but be of god cheer, I have overcome the world." The story you heard recently explains one reason why there is tribulation in the world. The story begins:

"A barber was walking down the street with a pastor.  The barber asked the pastor, "How can a loving God allow such evil in the world?"  About that time, they passed a man whose hair and beard were tangled and dirty.  

The pastor asked the barber, "How can you allow a man who is so unkempt to walk on the streets?"  The barber replied, "It is not my fault.  That man never sat in my barber chair."  The pastor replied, "Many people have never sat in God's presence or even know there is a God."  Evil exists in the hearts of those who have never come to Me for salvation.

JOHN 16:33

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Walls usually serve two purposes: Outside walls are designed to keep people out, and interior walls are used to separate rooms.

Sometimes you will encounter emotional walls that people have placed between themselves and others.  Such walls serve as a protection against emotional pain and hurt.  I came to heal those who have been bruised by others.

Emotional wounds can only be healed completely by Me.  I came to heal those who are broken hearted because of rejection or physical, mental, or emotional abuse.  Pray for and also share My love with those you know who have withdrawn themselves from others because of such wounds.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I created the imagination to help you visualize My throne room, and the beauty of heaven when you worship Me.  Today, My enemy is trying  to capture the imaginations of even small children through television and computer games.

My enemy is constantly sending images into the minds of  many, and often those images become strongholds in their lives.

Paul exhorted those who believe in Me to pull down vain imaginations and every high thought that exalts itself against Me. I want you to guard the eye gates and ear gates to your mind daily.  It is what you see and what you hear that will influence your imagination.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I came to open prison doors and to set the captives free.  I came to set at liberty those who have been bruised.

There are many who are locked in an emotional prison, and they do not know how to get out.  That prison is unforgiveness.  When I said that "I am the way," I was saying that I am the way to escape all emotional prisons.

When you are unable to forgive God, yourself, or your circumstances, you are in prison. When I said, "I am the door," I was saying that I opened the door for you to forgive all those who have wronged and hurt you.  Are you willing to forgive?  If  you are, you can begin today by asking Me to help you to forgive.

ISAIAH 61:1; JOHN 10:9

Monday, July 22, 2019


Most people long for freedom from health cares, emotional cares, family cares, and many other cares.  I came to set you free from the cares of this world.

Today, I want  you to cast every one of your cares upon Me.  I am truly your care taker, but I cannot be in that position unless you release your cares to Me.

Maybe you feel that you just cannot release certain cares to Me, because you doubt that I can do anything about such cares.  Two things are needed in order for you to release every care to Me.  First you must humble yourself and realize that you alone cannot take care of those cares.  Second, trust Me as your "Good Shepherd," Who will perfect everything that is a concern to you.

1 PETER 5:6-7; PSALM 138:8; PSALM 23

Friday, July 19, 2019


Some people ask the question, "If God is so powerful, then why doesn't he get rid of the devil?"  The devil did come to steal, kill, and destroy.

I am all powerful, and I am sovereign.  The devil gained some legal rights against mankind when Adam and Eve sinned.  However, My Father dealt with the devil when I died on the cross to forgive and save mankind from their sins.

When I said, "It is finished" as I was dying, the work to destroy the works of the devil was finished. The devil and his demons still exist, but you now have the weapons of warfare through My name and My blood to bind wicked spirits and send them to Me.  I gave you the keys to the kingdom  (whatsoever you bind on earth is bound and whatsoever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Use those keys today.

JOHM 19:13; MATTHEW 16:19

Thursday, July 18, 2019


My friend Paul wrote about forbearance.  As a believer, you are called to forbear with one another in love.  What does this mean?

When you forbear in love, you are willing to overlook the faults of others.  A good way to develop forbearance in your life is to ask Me to help you see others as I see them.  This will help you to not judge others or criticize them.

So often, especially with a marriage partner, you tend to see the faults of your spouse.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  I want to challenge you to forbear with the peculiarities that people have.  Everyone is unique, but never forget that they are also treasures to Me.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019


The next time you look at the night sky and see the various constellations, I want you to look at them carefully.  My Word says that the heavens declare My glory, and they also declare My story.

I know you have asked many times, "Where is heaven?"  Paul speaks of a man who traveled to the third heaven.  I dwell in the third heaven.  The first heaven is the blue sky you see daily.

My enemy dwells in the second heaven, and also in the atmosphere around you.  No one likes to think that there are spiritual beings observing what they do and listening in on what they say.  However, My Word confirms that this is true. Your prayers are able to penetrate both heavens and enter My throne room in the third heaven.  Pierce the darkness of the second heaven today by declaring My Word as you pray.

PSALM 97:6; 103:11, 20; 2 C0RINTHIANS 12:2

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


So many search and search to find the answers to their problems, and they usually become frustrated because their search fails to provide the answers.

When I said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," I was declaring that you need search no longer if you make the decision to come to Me.  I am the way that all of  your problems can be solved.  It is through the truths that you find in My Word that you will find an answer to every problem you are

Real abundant, fulfilling life can only come through Me.  In fact, when you acknowledge Me as your Lord and Savior, My life comes within you and you enter My kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy.  Give every problem to Me today.  I not only have the answers, but I also will show you the way out.

JOHN 14:6